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  1. GDAWG

    WWE Drama

    Cesaro, Cole and Woods were streaming Fall Guys earlier today.
  2. Curious to see what day the second show will air, because I can easily see it on TBS on Tuesday or Thursday because there's no way that the NBA is giving up either day for AEW.
  3. Anyone else having server issues when going into Community Creations?
  4. All but three people are recognizable and all the ones we recognize are fairly obvious.
  5. I wonder how the relationship between Impact and AAA is affected with the relationship between AAA and AEW
  6. PWINSIDER is reporting that ROH has signed PCO.
  7. I could see them trying China instead of Japan. It's an untapped market and they may want to capitalize on that instead of trying to establish a Japanese NXT.
  8. Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks should never go to the WWE and if they do, it would have to be where the WWE makes them offers that they cannot refuse. There's zero chance the WWE will give them what they want. It will take a lot of concessions on the WWE's part for those three to ever sign with the WWE and I doubt that's what the WWE wants unless they are desperate. Those three I don't think will ever sign with the WWE.
  9. https://www.wrestlingnewssource.com/news/52075/Former-WWE-Star-Jazz-Demands-Match-Against-Charlotte-Flair/ That is weird seeing as how Jazz is a part of the concussion lawsuit against WWE.
  10. She had a few matches with The Great Khali's promotion in India.
  11. I understand.....still it's a great lineup. I would not be surprised though if they used this year's tournament for another "Serena Deeb" type, a comeback story. I don't know who it could be though. Melina? Victoria? Celeste Bonin FKA Kaitlyn? Jillian Hall who made an Indy appearance this past weekend? I'd actually like to see how Melina and Victoria would do with this current crop of women. Mickie James has done well in the ring in her return.
  12. That's a good field, but it all depends on contracts that these ladies have with Impact and Lucha Underground.
  13. I hope they bring new people into the KOTR UK Tournament like Mark Haskins, Jimmy Havoc, Flash Morgan Webster and Chris Brookes.
  14. It would be bias if Meltzer gave every single match in the WWE 0 stars or 1 star. But he's given out some 3 or 4-4.5 star matches in the WWE in recent years. There are some matches at Mania that he'll probably give four stars to, like Nakamura/Styles, Asuka vs. Charlotte and the IC Title three way.
  15. This year will take place in San Francisco at the Cow Palace on July 7th. The Cow Palace seats 10,000 and they will probably sell it out. Now the question would be then is could they sell out a place like the Staples Center?
  16. If she does suck, she fits right in with the WWE.
  17. Doubt it's anytime soon as she recently announced her pregnancy.
  18. So what exactly is the status of Will Ospreay in ROH because
  19. here comes another one of my stupid cringy replies: - It'll be interesting to see if Paige, Sonya and Mandy confront Asuka and if they do, how does Asuka react? Does Asuka go completely psychotic? We know that Asuka is calm and collected, but if you slap her in the face, she goes nuts and then is able to snap out of it within seconds.
  20. Becky is one of four women I think could end Asuka's streak and many people would be okay with it.
  21. All of the women on Smackdown can afford a loss. Asuka cannot at this point. Having Asuka kill everyone on Smackdown Live makes her a serious threat. Besides, book her extremely well and there's a chance of big money matches with Sasha, Charlotte, Becky and maybe Ronda Rousey.
  22. Yeah, I think Asuka can contribute to some funny interactions with the rest of the division. Before or after she kills everyone?
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