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  1. So Lance Catamaran is not doing play by play?
  2. Curious to see what day the second show will air, because I can easily see it on TBS on Tuesday or Thursday because there's no way that the NBA is giving up either day for AEW.
  3. Anyone else having server issues when going into Community Creations?
  4. Damn. Didn't have to go through story mode to unlock Ribbie for play or Universe. I am using him for the 24/7 Division....Reilly Flash too.
  5. I got this game on Christmas and I bought the Wasteland Wanderers. So I have to go through all of that story to get the characters for Universe Mode and Play? Same for the Bump in the Night?
  6. MLW says it's a National Openweight Title, basically for everybody to compete in. They have made no indication that they plan on a Women's division.
  7. All but three people are recognizable and all the ones we recognize are fairly obvious.
  8. I wonder how the relationship between Impact and AAA is affected with the relationship between AAA and AEW
  9. With Rush confirmed to appear at the ROH TV tapings tonight, it'll be interesting to see which promotion between MLW or ROH he is a part of going forward.
  10. XFL in Dallas will fail because they will get no media coverage in an oversaturated market. Even though they play in the offseason of the Dallas Cowboys, we still have an NBA team and NHL team in full swing and an MLB team about to start spring training and all of the local coverage will be on those three teams. Hell, the Major League Soccer Team FC Dallas and the WNBA Team Dallas Wings barely get any coverage as it is. Nobody will care about Dallas XFL.
  11. PWINSIDER is reporting that ROH has signed PCO.
  12. I could see them trying China instead of Japan. It's an untapped market and they may want to capitalize on that instead of trying to establish a Japanese NXT.
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