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  1. I don't know how much longer I can even play the PvP in this game. There's way to many broken mechanics that ruin the PvP. Super Armor, Unescesary invisibility frames, Poses, Milky Cannon glitch spam, terrible hit detection and even more terrible decisions PvP wise. I usually play with my friends to avoid most of the issues, but even they stopped playing this game because of the lackluster PvP.
  2. Still think the Super Saiyan-situation is kind of bullshit and in some ways contradictory of the story, although SSJ3 was always described as a form that caused massive strain on the body. But it's Toriyama, so it's kind of ridiculous to get too worked up over it as a fan. It is what it is. A thing that really stuck with me from the Androids/Cell-saga is how it links up with Goku's "bad" habit to give his enemies a second chance. He always lets the bad guys live. Except for his own brother, which is somewhat ironic. Did it at first with Nappa, Vegeta and most of the Ginyu Force without much consequence. Vegeta warned Goku about it biting him in the ass one day every time, most notably before his death. Then he let Frieza go, who immediately tried shooting him in the back. Eventually the whole situation with the androids that killed everybody in the future is on him, because he apparently let Gero go when fighting the Red Ribbon Army. So Vegeta was quite ominous when he said Goku would regret letting people go one day. Of course, in the end, it was Goku who ended up dead because of that mistake. That makes the scene where Vegeta blames an already dead Goku for Cell killing Trunks even more powerful, since it was him letting Gero go that caused all the androids to pop up in the first place. The Cell-saga always felt like it made perfect sense to me and the series could've easily ended there and most things would've come in full circle, with Piccolo and Kami reunited, Vegeta apparently retiring after Goku died seemingly forever and Gohan taking over. Buu was the only thing that felt like an addition that came out of nowhere to me, however I still greatly enjoyed that saga too. Goku actually gave his brother a second chance, but Raditz immediately attacked him. It was when Goku was pulling on his tail. After completing Dragon Ball prior to DBZ, it makes me wonder what made Goku go soft. Goku killed many people that were his enemies. He killed Tao, RR Army Soldiers, Officer Black, King Piccolo and his minions, and some others I'm probably forgetting. The only time he doesn't kill someone that was his enemy, was Piccolo, but he had many reasons not to.
  3. The Z Soul was suppose to give you a small % of health back when you deal damage. But instead, it gave you FULL health when you do ANY damage. It was broken and very annoying.
  4. You can get it from PQ #14 from a random drop, or you can complete some of the story, and it should be in the skill shop at some point.
  5. The latest patch fixed the "Bwahaha thanks for the energy!" Z-Soul. Thank god because that was annoying. Side note, Spirit Ball is one of my favorite moves to use in this game. It has the best tracking out of every move in this game and will easily hit people who try to run away.
  6. Yeah, the Time Limits in PvP need to either be extended or get ridden of entirely. I've seen people purposely try to stall out the clock to pop a heal item to get the victory. It's pretty ridiculous.
  7. https://m.youtube.com/user/Coast2CGC This is me and friends from PSN's YouTube channel. We started off as just a gaming news podcast, which we still do. But now we expanded to do more of a variety of stuff involving gaming. I uploaded majority of the stuff and have two videos that have over 35k views. We just hit 176 subscribers and are close to our 1 year anniversary (March 6th). I would love it if you guys can check it out, give out suggestions, subscribe if you like our content, whatever.
  8. How come I never posted in this thread before? Hm.... Anyways, ever since Aaron Rodgers told us to relax, the Packers have been on fire. Hoping for the Pack to carry the momentum into Sundays game.
  9. "Wow WWE 2K15 looks great. But the reason why I'm not getting it is because the Wyatt family is in the game. And I don't like the Wyatt family."
  10. I liked the episode, but it didn't feel like a season finale. It felt an episode before the finale. Anyways it was an alright season, my favorite episode was Clear, so hopefully Morgan returns in Season 4 full time
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