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  1. I wonder if anyone will start making more concepts now that there is a boom period going on again. AEW guys?

  2. Not really if they had no intention of using him and have no people coming in To change up the roster though? Weird logic to use when firing someone, unless Sandow wasn't contributing anything at all since his hiring, and I'm pretty sure given the majority of IWC's salivating over him, he did contribute something. Could have easily changed his character or something, as they miserably tried to do Could have been the mouthpiece for the Vaudevillains turn him heel and refer to him as MANdow, start up a Gentlemen's Fisticuff faction with them and Cesaro.
  3. Crap I did it again. Please resubmit your requests here or in the request thread if your not stuck in the validating category.

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    2. GMaybee


      @NXTfan61 you truly are an NXT fan aren't you..lol...me too. I think some of those guys are not on the roster anymore. I am always looking at rosters, so I will do some. I think I may do the Vaudevillians next.

    3. NXTfan61


      @Gmaybee Sounds awesome, hopefully a great job like always :-)

    4. NXTfan61


      And also if you're looking for any non-wrestler CAWs I'd suggest Hagrid and Harry from "You're a Wizard Harry" (by Ragingfilms)

  4. Crap I did it again.

  5. What request to work on next?

    1. adel


      pleas caw john cena and good roman reigns 2014

    2. adel


      can you caw mortal kombat

  6. Oops accidentally deleted all comments.

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    2. Brunosammartinobestever


      Could you also add John Tolos, Bugsy McGraw, Don Leo Johnathan and Waldo Von Erich, just for some more old timers?

    3. Brunosammartinobestever


      I understand, but could you make the John Tolos and the other dudes later and the guys I requested first first please? I don't wanna rush ^.^

    4. Brunosammartinobestever


      I requested just so you could make awesome CAWs that I haven't seen before (minus Bruno Sammartino).

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