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  1. My copy is a digital download
  2. Looks pretty darn good to me!
  3. Really enjoy the facial expression on the top pic
  4. Glad to see someone expanding on some of the missing pieces from these eras.
  5. I was trying to get busy on it with the last ones I made but man my game lags so badly now, it takes forever to load up my creations and dlc characters in the ring.
  6. Been enjoying your creations
  7. Not really if they had no intention of using him and have no people coming in To change up the roster though? Weird logic to use when firing someone, unless Sandow wasn't contributing anything at all since his hiring, and I'm pretty sure given the majority of IWC's salivating over him, he did contribute something. Could have easily changed his character or something, as they miserably tried to do Could have been the mouthpiece for the Vaudevillains turn him heel and refer to him as MANdow, start up a Gentlemen's Fisticuff faction with them and Cesaro.
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