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  1. I wonder if anyone will start making more concepts now that there is a boom period going on again. AEW guys?

  2. I did what I could to try to extend the life of this game to the best of my ability. I'm just glad I wasn't the only one who really enjoyed this game. They could have done so much more with a proper sequel, especially considering how fun the base mechanics already were. I always enjoyed seeing recreations like yours Clay, its so cool to see things done by different wrestling fans and see what they want to highlight from the careers of these performers. I know that I made a lot of creations, but I probably have seen just as many or more requests for other wrestlers, that are still untouched. That's why its so cool to me to see some of those names finally getting that spotlight.
  3. Glad to see someone expanding on some of the missing pieces from these eras.
  4. Not really if they had no intention of using him and have no people coming in To change up the roster though? Weird logic to use when firing someone, unless Sandow wasn't contributing anything at all since his hiring, and I'm pretty sure given the majority of IWC's salivating over him, he did contribute something. Could have easily changed his character or something, as they miserably tried to do Could have been the mouthpiece for the Vaudevillains turn him heel and refer to him as MANdow, start up a Gentlemen's Fisticuff faction with them and Cesaro.
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