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  1. GMaybee


    You know Rooster had an awesome one as I recall
  2. GMaybee


    Haha no promises but I won't stop you.
  3. GMaybee


    Haha let's not make any official announcements. Yeah I haven't watched much wrestling in some time. I figured I'd try out a few of my faves. WALTER is such a beast, Lee I've always been a fan of, and Dexter's character work commitment is captivating.
  4. https://i.imgur.com/EYy4i1D.
  5. Come on now they at least have fully rendered feet and ankles, unlike Liefeld's art.
  6. I agree the ring size is probably ideal for fast frenetic action as it seems that is the goal of the game. The action seems like it will not stay confined within it anyway. The graphics look a lot brighter than All Stars, although for now I think I prefer the older models than this Funko Pop style. Hopefully there is at least a bit of depth and variety to the game play.
  7. Not really if they had no intention of using him and have no people coming in To change up the roster though? Weird logic to use when firing someone, unless Sandow wasn't contributing anything at all since his hiring, and I'm pretty sure given the majority of IWC's salivating over him, he did contribute something. Could have easily changed his character or something, as they miserably tried to do Could have been the mouthpiece for the Vaudevillains turn him heel and refer to him as MANdow, start up a Gentlemen's Fisticuff faction with them and Cesaro.
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