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  1. I hope I'm proven wrong and they justify their inclusions by delivering strong showings but none of them have really stood out so far as anything special. I'm being a bit hard on Yoshi-Hashi and Fale as both can be entertaining but EVIL and Tonga are both just dull. And yes the G1 has always been used to elevate and highlight talent but do any of those guys really seem like they have the potential to go anywhere? Its not like Naito in 2010 and 2011 where he really showed his potential or AJ where it was used as a showcase to build him up but NJPW just had to let him do his thing and he'd get over just like he has in WWE or ROH or TNA because hes that good. I know I'm sounding super negative but I want NJPW to suceed and I feel they would be better to have the tournament over a shorter period like 2 weeks like they used to and give plenty of time and focus to guys like Elgin, Sanada and Nakajima who could be viable at the top of the card rather than have these really big drawn out tournaments with guys who just seem to be making up the numbers.
  2. First time watching a show in a while, loved the main and Shibata/Tenzan. Wasn't that into much else tbh but I'm really interested in the matches that seem to have been set up from this show.
  3. I was literally thinking about how cool a new Super J Cup would be yesterday. Should be good although I wish M-Pro were one of the companies sending wrestlers but i can't complain, hopefully the booking is good and not predictable.
  4. Hopefully they finally put Okada over at the Dome and truly establish him as ace. Properly excited for Styles vs. Shinsuke, I'm honestly expecting the MOTY and Okada vs. Tana should be great as long as they don't go overboard or go on too long. But I have no interest in those junior matches though, wtf is a Roppongi Vice and I like KUSHIDA but I hate Kenny Omega, geniunely can't stand him.
  5. Haven't seen the final yet, I can't say I'm surprised at the result but it sets up the WK match I was expecting with hopefully the right guy going over this time. I'm expecting it to be great when I get round to watching it mind you. Also is Tenryu actually challenging Okada for the belt because it would be such an awesome way for a legit icon of puroresu to bow out in style.
  6. Yeah, a lot of people love it and Meltzer gave it 5 stars which is why I decided to watch it. But to be honest to me it felt like they spammed finishers for 30 minutes with loads of no selling, I just didn't get the hype at all.
  7. I've watched barely any of the G1 so far but I have made sure of trying to keep up. I'm absolutely loving Naito's new character and hes been must watch for me, the new look is great and hes had some great matches with the match against Shibata being my favourite as well great matches against Tana and AJ. Speaking of Tanahashi, match of the tournament so far is his match against Ibushi just really exciting hopefully they face off again sometime soon. I haven't watched any Elgin match so far mainly because I've only ever time I've seen him is his ROH World Title match with Davey Richards which is easily the worst match I've ever seen. But maybe its time I gave him another chance, I've seen him getting praise in a few places now where people were skeptical of his inclusion.
  8. Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides
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