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  1. I love the match creator and 8-man tags but honestly my favourite new feature is the squash match. Crushing jobbers with Braun is so satisfying and squashing Warrior as Goldberg might be the most fun i've had with this game, although I haven't had a squash trigger for a while now.
  2. After seeing all the new moves I've gone from being certain I'll use the same move as 2k17 for my main CAW to completely torn. The amount of great moves added is amazing. These are what I'm leaning towards using but I'll have to see them in game before I settle on anything. Sigs: Slingshot Powerbomb, Powerbomb 4, Superplex 4, Triangle Choke, Leg Sweep Octopus Stretch Finishers: Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver, Michinoku Driver 3, Guillotine Choke 2
  3. I'd like some more table moves. Theres a lot of choice for standing and a decent selection against the ropes but the apron, corner and top rope are lacking.
  4. I'd love to see a lot of the 90's puroresu moves return because I'm old and remember giving them to my CAWs in Smackdown 2 as a kid before I had a clue who did them. And the like ten Shining Wizard variants that were in SYM and HCTP. Also I really like all the middle rope dives they've added and would love more added in and to be able to select 2 rather than one for each position. More specifically though I'd like to see these in at some point. -Braun's Reverse Chokeslam -Lashley's Rolling Spear -Akiyama's Wrist Clutch Exploder -Avalanche Exploder -Uso's Superkick to back of knee -Uso's Tequila Sunrise/Splash Combo -Minoru Suzuki's Saka Otoshi -Ground Corner Shining Wizard -Arn Anderson's Fakeout Punch into a DDT -Jeff Cobb/Matanza's Tour of the Islands -Inoki's Ground Leg kicks -Springboard Dragonrana -Cactus Elbow as an OMG moment -Standing Tiger Bomb -Tiger Bomb into a Cloverleaf -Avalanche Gutbuster -Rolling Wheel Kick
  5. Just to let people know Amazon UK have got these discounts up until the 3rd of September so I just preordered for £60.99 as I've got the £2 prime saving as well. Save £20.00 when you spend £150.00 or more on Video games offered by Amazon.co.uk. Enter code VG20OFF150 at checkout. Here's how (terms and conditions apply) Save £10.00 when you spend £75.00 or more on Video games offered by Amazon.co.uk. Enter code VG10OFF75 at checkout. Here's how (terms and conditions apply) Save £5.00 when you spend £35.00 or more on Video games offered by Amazon.co.uk. Enter code VG5OFF35 at checkout. Here's how (terms and conditions apply)
  6. Yesterday I played a tournament with damage retention on but it only worked for some of the wrestlers, So Vader and Cactus Jack had their second round match with the health they had left from the first round but Flair and Sting started the second round with full health and then in the final Vader had his health had the second round but Sting started with full health. And I played Asuka against Eva Marie for the NXT Women's title and both of them came out with the belt on and both were announced as the champion.
  7. Finishers are probably going to stay as Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver and Bam Bam Sault but for signatures I'm not sure. I'll have to get a better look at the new Pumphandle Suplex and the new Diving Knee Drop and decide between them and the corner Exploder Suplex.
  8. Hall of Fame 2016 pack Stan Hansen And whoever else went in this year, I don't care just give me Hansen. Cruiserweight Legends Eddy Guerrero (WCW) Rey Mysterio Jr. (WCW) Jushin Liger Dean Malenko The Brian Kendrick Tajiri Roster Update Rhyno Luke Gallows Karl Anderson Austin Aries Mojo Rawley All I really want are Stan Hansen, Rhyno, Kendrick, Tajiri and more moves. I'd love Almas and No Way Jose as well but I don't see them making it.
  9. For new guys I'll be using Goldberg and Nakamura and I think I'll play women's matches more this year with Asuka and the Four Horsewomen being in. And I think I'll keep using the team of Vader and Earthquake who I had loads of fun with on 2k16.
  10. Hopefully all of the duplicates from last year are back in and although it's unlikely I'd love to see ECW versions of the Dudley Boys.
  11. Wrist-Clutch Exploder Suplex A better Guilotine Choke Minoru Suzuki's Takeover Sleeper Hold A better Diving Knee Drop Okada's Air Raid Siren Backbreaker/Neckbreaker thingy Ground Corner Setup Shining Wizard Handspring Back Elbow into a Bulldog Dragon Screw in the Ropes Total Elimation Dudley Dog/Acid Drop A better STO like Ogawa or Lesnar used to do A Neck Lock Suplex like Andre used to do, which used to be in but they reanimated it and now it looks awful Black Tiger Bomb (hopefully Reigns has it though) Northern Lights Bomb Powebomb with a pin, actually just a powerbomb that looks good would be ok Some new Ladder finishers would be nice maybe the Miltary Press off the top that Lashley does. I agree with Lashley's Spear as well A better Gorilla Press Some new Roll-up pins, Hell in Cell moves or Royal Rumble moves would be nice too Torture Rack dropped into a Bridging German Suplex Some are possible but most of them are long shots. Although some like the ladder and HIAC moves should be updated anyway as the choices are really poor and haven't been updated in years.
  12. Voted for legends as I'd love another Hall of Fame pack just for Stan Hansen.
  13. Terminator, Batista and The Outsiders for me. Really going to miss Arnold the most though as after my main CAW he's my 2nd and 3rd most used character. As for new wrestlers: Nakamura, Goldberg, Asuka, Becky, Sasha and American Alpha. Its absolutely surreal to me that Nakamura is in a WWE game and he's the wrestler I'm most excited for, hopefully he has lots of unique moves.
  14. Every year I seem to make a list of caws I want to make and then only bother making 2 or 3 of them. But these are the I ones I plan on creating if I can find good enough face pictures My main CAW Kenta Kobashi Jun Akiyama Antonio Inoki Muhammad Ali Abdullah the Butcher Yoshihiro Takayama And I may make a couple of originals that I made this year if i feel like it and then download caws that look good.
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