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  1. Remember when people thought Ambrose would make his main roster debut by being AJ Lee's secret boyfriend or something? Caws.ws classic.
  2. Imagine telling someone in 2008 that Arsenal, Man United, and Chelsea would be fighting for the fourth spot with each team trying to outbottle the other.
  3. I like DBZA. Can't say the same for a section of its fanbase that is determined to herald it as an objectively superior show to the original.
  4. Really excited about Lucas Torreira. Hearing only good things about him.
  5. Mikel Arteta is the overwhelming favourite to be the next Arsenal manager.
  6. I think Allegri will be the next Arsenal manager.
  7. I played the Spider-Man games a lot in the late 2000s, namely the second and third Sam Raimi games, a PSP game called Friend Or Foe, and Web Of Shadows. Really excited for this.
  8. I'm definitely maining Triborg, especially the Smoke variation. Cyber Smoke was my favorite character in UMK3 and I liked him in Deception as Noob-Smoke. Glad to have Sektor back as well. I would have mained him in MK9 if I had the game. Bo Rai Cho looks really good. Alien is okay. Cool that he has Baraka's moves. Leatherface is meh. Reminded me too much of Jason as well. Two shitty characters in my opinion. Alien and Predator would have been adequate for guest characters. I'm excited for Apocalypse Takeda and the Pit stage.
  9. Reading Berserk. It's awesome. I like the prevalent atmosphere of misery and desolation, reminds me of Bloodborne. Almost done with Cowboy Bebop. Definitely one of my favorites.
  10. Mostly because a lot of the people who comment don't even watch DBZ. Then they go to a DBZ video which parallels whatever's happening on Abridged to post TFS quotes from the latest episode or anything in general because it makes them feel... smart? knowledgeable? I don't know but it's *censored*ing annoying.
  11. This is probably the best Abridged episode since the Frieza arc, incidentally following an episode I easily consider one of their worst, it almost made me quit watching them. I prefer TFS when they're.... more serious, when they're not hamming it all up with memes and one-liners, which has been my problem with most of the Android saga. In this episode, there was a good blend of gravity and humor. Honestly, the bulk of my frustration is not with TFS themselves but most of their fanbase. They're *censored*ing obnoxious. Reading the comments on the official website (which I guess is the way to go now thanks to Toei) is a much better experience because apparently, the obnoxious section of their fanbase don't bother going there.
  12. Just watched the movie. I would easily rank it above the prequels and Return of the Jedi. Currently ambivalent about how it compares to Empire Strikes Back and New Hope but all three of them are close.
  13. I was told you don't need to necessarily watch the past movies to understand the new one properly. Nevertheless, it would enhance the experience.
  14. I finished watching Return of the Jedi for the first time an hour ago. In a way, this benefits me because the memory of the previous movies would be fresh in my mind when I watch The Force Awakens tomorrow.
  15. Are you talking about the Abridged version or the franchise in general? Lol, touche.
  16. So, a large percentage of DBZ Abridged is gone thanks to Toei and copyright shit. Can't say I'm upset about this. The recent episodes and movies have been mediocre and I feel they've been on a downhill route since the Android arc. Plus, their core fanbase is very obnoxious.
  17. are we really gonna use the ol' 'waste of space' crap with this game series now? people may not have specifically asked for Leatherface face, but i bet a lot of people are excited and looking forward to playing his him. like Ghost said, maybe we'll get a horror-esque fighting game when developers see peoples excitement for those characters inclusion in the MK games. plus... extra characters=more variety. no matter how random a character is. especially with a MK game. If anything, waste of space is a legitimate complaint when it comes to fighting games. I personally want a Mortal Kombat game, not a horror crossover. Besides, Leatherface is just superfluous. We already have Jason. I like extra characters when they're relevant to the series.
  18. The Leatherface inclusion baffles me because literally no one specifically wanted him. No offense to those who do like him but I feel he's a waste of space. Xenomorph Baraka is a cool concept. I like Tri-Borg. Bo Rai Cho is meh.
  19. Yeah, that's why I'm still holding on. I saw some non-spoiler videos of the late game and it looks great.
  20. To be honest, I feel like TFS peaked near the end of the Frieza saga. The last time I literally laughed out loud was when Goku found the muffin button after his battle with Frieza. Now I barely chuckle. My reaction's along the lines of "Oh, they made a reference, cool" or "Oh, they made a pun, k". Not to mention it really irks me whenever some guy claims that the Abridged series is an improvement over the original. Someone commented "sweet, more abridged material" on the video of the DB Super opening. I honestly like their gaming stuff a lot more now.
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