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  1. I'm liking your current avy. Harley Quinn FTW!! :D

  2. Video not available in my country...*Censored*.
  3. The thing I hate about Vegeta, is the fact that he's so easily beatable these days. Especially in the movies. Canon or not, look at the list of the DBZ movies, and then look at the list of movies that feature Vegeta getting his ass kicked (at least in one scene): -The Return Of Cooler -Super Android 13 -Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan -Bojack Unbound -Fusion Reborn -Wrath Of The Dragon Speaking of movies, what do y'all think of the movie "Plan To Eradicate The Saiyans"?
  4. Why, because Vegeta makes an absolute fool out of himself?
  5. After playing Raging Blast 2, I realized that I can't stand Gohan's new voice. Doesn't help that aside from SS2 Teen Gohan, SS Future Gohan and Ultimate Gohan, all of the Gohan characters in that game suck.
  6. Congratz on becoming Moderator :)

    1. Lyriqz ✪

      Lyriqz ✪

      Thanks, Ewok. :) Now I need to become the nicest person on the planet and become a Playmate wikipedia and I can fill your role. :D

    2. Ewok_3000


      lol Good luck with that ;) But I can help with the Playmate stuff though :D

  7. Plus, you wouldn't want to *Censored* with Frieza after lines like these...
  8. Go back and watch it for comic relieft (even though Goten and Trunks' scenes are full of that as well). Seeing a fat Gogeta (or Veku as South Kai refers to him as) make fun of Janemba is definitely one of my fave moments in that movie. Rabbit Feet Technique FTW!! I actually got to meet the voice of Gohan from Dragon Ball Z Kai a few years ago. She signed a photo of Android #18 for me.
  9. Trunks' debut was awesome, then he kinda went downhill. But that's just my opinion. As for Gotenks, I definitely preferred him in the series over him in the movies. Speaking of fusions, what about Veku? His scenes in Fusion Reborn were definitely great. Speaking of Bruce Faulconer, the remix of Perfect Cell's theme is my favourite of his. Less fillers, and a lot of the voices of certain characters have changed. Frieza, Android #18, and Kid/Teen Gohan are perfect examples of this.
  10. I cried when I saw Gohan raging and turning SS2. From that moment on I can't watch that episode without tearing up.
  11. Goku is too pure of heart to turn evil. The closest we'll get to see him being evil is back in the Frieza saga when Ginyu took over his body.
  12. I wouldn't care what anyone else says, he'll always be my fave movie villain (and one of my fave villains in general). As for him making Vegeta look like a bitch...to be fair, all of the villains have done that. Go back and watch all of the movies from #6 onwards (well, the ones he appears in) and you'll see what I mean. Haha true, but Broly was the only one who had Vegeta so scared that he didn't even want to get anywhere near him. He was mentally crushed the moment Broly went Super Saiyan. Broly was like his bully. And when Vegeta finally stood up to him, Broly knocked him out in one hit. That movie was basically like real life, you don't beat the bully unless you gang up on him and get a lucky shot in. Haha yeah true. Speaking of his transformation, I think it was pretty sweet. Very unique compared to the other Super Saiyan transformations. I see your Slow Roosevelt song, and I raise you another: Personally, that's my favourite song. It suited so well, seeing Broly kick Vegeta's ass.
  13. I wouldn't care what anyone else says, he'll always be my fave movie villain (and one of my fave villains in general). As for him making Vegeta look like a bitch...to be fair, all of the villains have done that. Go back and watch all of the movies from #6 onwards (well, the ones he appears in) and you'll see what I mean.
  14. Well of course he was gonna be overpowered. That's what you get when you're a baby born with a power level of 10,000. Goku didn't get anywhere near that power level till he fought Nappa.
  15. I had always thought Future Trunks had received the sword from Gohan sometime in their timeline. Remember, Kid Gohan had a sword. He could have merely given that same sword to Trunks in the future.
  16. Holy shit, you're alive! :o Also, biggest Batman fan? I'm sure there are others on here that would put that up for debate...myself included ;)

    1. JohnStone1987


      ya Its been awhile Man i pop in from time to time. U on fb dude?

    2. Ewok_3000


      Fair enough, I tend to do that as well. And yeah I do. If ya want it, just message me.

  17. I actually stopped watching DragonBall after the events of the 2nd World Tournament that Goku entered in (the one that featured Tien). One character that I originally hated ended up becoming one of my favourite characters - Hercule. I couldn't stand him in the Cell Games saga. But after that he became more comic relief, while showing the odd display of heroism. OT: I actually bought a plush toy of Imperfect Cell last month I agree with this but disagree with it at the same time. I feel like some of the movie villains were better (like Broly, Bojack and Super Android #13), but then there are/were the ones that aren't. For example I'd choose Raditz over Turles, or Frieza over Cooler.
  18. True it was not in the manga and was just a filler saga but it is still part of the TV show timeline which means The Dead Zone must count as canon? Also for the love of god do not watch Dragon Ball Evolution. Even if you want to check it out to see if it's as bad as people say, don't! That film belongs buried in the desert with all the copies of E.T on the Atari. Unless stated by the author, anything that isn't part of the original source material, the manga, is non canon. Even then, the thing stated as canon can't contradict anything from the source material. While GT might be not very good, I liked a some of the characters from it like SS4, Pan(what the problem is), Baby Vegeta, Super 17, etc. I felt that the Baby Saga went on far too long, whereas the Super 17 saga wasn't long enough. And even then, Super 17 was only in a few episodes due to them focusing too much of their attention on Frieza and Cell. Anyway, OP, I'll say this - Just watch DBZ. While DragonBall will help explain stuff later, you don't need to watch it. Avoid GT. And for the love of money, AVOID DRAGONBALL: EVOLUTION!!! It will shit on your soul, and make your question your very existence. Ok, not really. But still...DB Evolution is that bad.
  19. Lovin' the current avy. Dat ass :D

    1. King Nova

      King Nova

      Dat ass indeed :D it needs to hit the main roster soon

    2. Ewok_3000


      Absolutely! The main roster needs more of dat ass :D

  20. Wreck-It Ralph. Such an amazing movie!
  21. What's going on, dude?

    1. Mind_Trip


      Well well well... If it isn't Nicky; long time no speak. Also, for the most part nothing much has really been going on besides working and going to school.

  22. When did you become a G-Mod? Congratz nonetheless :)

    1. Intentz™


      Like 5 months ago, same time as Ipse. Lol

    2. Ewok_3000


      lol Shit. Shows how much I take notice around here haha. Though I think I might have congratulated you when you did become a G-Mod...I just don't remember lol

    3. Intentz™


      I think you did tbh. Lol

  23. Dude, NHL 14 is awesome!! Though I tend to have bad luck when it comes to being drafted in the NHL. In NHL 10, I got drafted by Dallas. In NHL 14, I got drafted by Montreal.

  24. Dude, no longer a G-Mod? What's up with that?

    1. Faster Than Light

      Faster Than Light

      I stepped down. I am totally burnt out with modding.

    2. Ewok_3000


      Fair enough. Though now you know how I felt. I was Moderator/had Staff powers from December 2006-whenever they made it so that VIPs no longer had powers. In short, I was a member of Staff for a very long time.

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