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About Ewok_3000

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  • Birthday 01/26/1989

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  • Favourite Wrestler
    Too many to name...
  • Favourite Music
    Mainly rock and metal. Especially from the 90's.
  • Star (Zodiac) Sign
  • Favourite Wrestling Company
    WWE. But before I liked WWE, I liked WCW. Especially in the nWo storyline
  • Orientation
  • Favourite Food
    Cheese Pizza from Pizza Hut
  • Ethnicity
    Not sure. All I know, is that I'm white
  • Favourite TV Show
    MXC, King of the Hill, Chuck, The Big Bang Theory. Too many to name...

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    Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Interests
    Wrestling, music, NHL and Playboy. That's mostly it.

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About Me

Hey. I'm Nicky and from Christchurch, New Zealand. I am an avid fan of Pearl Jam and I'm a huge fan of NHL. My favourite team is the San Jose Sharks...always has been, always will. I kinda stopped watching WWE and Wrestling in general, but my favourite Superstar is The Undertaker, followed by Kane, and then The Rock (if he were still in Wrestling), and I am a huge, huge, HUGE fan of Maria (screw the Maria haters out there >_>). Apart from the groups/bands I mentioned, I also like Metallica, Foo Fighters, Bush, Prong, Anthrax, and anything that is Grunge or Thrash Metal. I strongly dislike Paramore. I was also the originator of the Babe of the Week/Month thing in the About Me, as well as the Pic of the Week.


Also, if you know me, you'll know that I'm an avid Playboy fan. I've been a fan since 2008, ever since I got the Maria issue (April 2008). My favourite Playmate is Miss June 2006, Stephanie Larimore, and so far, my favourite issue has been the April 2008 issue smile.gif And here's a sig of her:



Cheers Mikey!


Songs I recommend:

16 Volt - Suffering You

Guano Apes - Big In Japan

Mad Capsule Markets - Pulse


Girls Aloud Pic of the Week:



Maria Pic of the Week:



My Top 25 Playboy Babes:

1. Kelly Carrington

2. Tiffany Ryan

3. Nikki Mitchell

4. AJ Alexander

5. Jamie Bradford

6. Julia Marino

7. Valerie Mason

8. Nicole Aylward

9. Regina Deutinger

10. Karen Hernandez

11. Jennifer Hurt

12. Nikki Ryann

13. Tiffany Toth

14. Nancy Patton

15. Ally Thomas

16. Amy Leigh Andrews

17. Jayden Tyler

18. Lindsay Wagner

19. Coming Soon

20. Coming Soon

21. Coming Soon

22. Addie Anderson

23. Brandi Corbin

24. Mckenzie Taylor

25. Rachael Schultz


Babe Of The Month

Brooke Windatt



Babe Of The Month History

August-September - Miranda Kerr - Victoria's Secret Model

September-October - Brooke Becker - Model, Singer

October-November - Taryn Terrell - Playboy Model, WWE Diva

November - December - Tiffany Toth - Playboy Model

December - January - Sara Brinsfield - Model, IGN Babe

January - February - Cheryl Cole - Girls Aloud Member, Wife of Ashley Cole

February - March - Krystle Lina - Model, Playboy Cybergirl of the Week

March - April - Heather Rae - Model, Playboy Model

April - May - Brooke Windatt - Playboy Model

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