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  1. I've recently created some of Pittsburgh's independent wrestler's that work for some of the great territories around the area. Each are uploaded under my two usernames online: Carter_Intense & IntenseCarter Thanks to the wrestlers that helped make these become possible but I'm deciding to upload these here because I know some of you guys look for certain characters that fill up slots for a more independent feel in Universe Mode. I hope you download them or at least give me feedback (even if you don't know who they are) so that I can create more. I've certainly gotten better over the years of doing this and I gotta say that it's a great feeling when these wrestlers feel that you've captured their image.
  2. Uploaded to CC #Britt Baker #AEW #CarterIntense
  3. Creation under Show Hashtags#: Revolution, CarterIntense, r/WWEGames
  4. It looks like the hair that's straight back with the head morphing in the face mapper just raised the one side of the face; giving it that appearance.
  5. My BIGGEST complaint with this game is how loud the crowd is. Its like they went from like a level of 7 to go to a level of 12. The crowd at WrestleMania sounds exactly like the Monday Night Raw crowd.
  6. I always love the attention to detail you put into the arenas. Such as the signs and the spilled sodas on the floor. Can't remember who it was but I downloaded an old arena and someone actually added wires taped to the ground running from the announce table. It's stuff like that, that really catches my eye. Good work, man!
  7. For some reason every time I select Ruby Riot in Exhibition mode TLC or ladder match, it changes the match to a normal match.
  8. CarterIntense

    Wade Barrett

    The caw making on current gen does seem a bit scary at first but once you get the hang of using the face photo capture tool, your caws will look as good as it gets. I found that if you use face scans from previous games as sort of practice, then you'll find out exactly where to put the points and what makes the caws look bad. Here's a face scan to upload to the game, I would highly suggest it! Good luck!
  9. Uploaded to Community Creations under the Shows tab. Search: CarterInense, Indy, IWC http://youtu.be/qNohxBq4_Ig
  10. Really like this. Were there any other options for Violent J's hair that you possibly were considering? I know it's a bit hard to get it to look right but just for comparison.
  11. Took my shot at making Kenny Omega but I'm kind of new to the whole caw making scene. If anyone's willing to maybe collaborate or help me out with logos, I greatly appreciate it.
  12. to be fair to him, one of the greatest announcers of all time Gordon Solie pronounced it like that. I assume it was a reference. Just made him sound pretentious, especially when he was shifting blame onto us for not playing the game right when the referees wouldnt count the pins correctly. At first the whole 2K Dev thing annoyed me too, but then I enjoyed the behind the scenes look that they gave us. Kind of reminds me of the end credits footage in SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth on how they showed the process of game developing.
  13. Dont forget Aubrey Sitterson pronouncing it Suplay.
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