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  1. TheMike24

    AJ Styles

    i may make that attire, but i'm not too sure yet
  2. TheMike24

    AJ Styles

    Hey guys, this is a Work In Progress, but I do need some feedback, and suggestions UPDATE First things first, major credit to HolyRavi and Boss KV, for the logos. I don't think I'd be able to even have decent attire for this caw without them. So thank you again guys!! Face Attire
  3. TheMike24

    Texture Topic

    I hand made this texture myself for Apollo Crews but the demensions do not work for me in CAW Mode, maybe someone can tweak it and help me out
  4. Bayley does have a Young granny face tho lol yea but the mouth needs work
  5. cuz I had to legit draw the unicorns and edit it in GIMP lol
  6. I tried to use Matte but it just didnt look right IMO, so I went with Vinyl and it gave the attires a brighter look
  7. Well I just updated the topic, so take a look lol
  8. So I've been creating caws for awhile, but rarely ever shared them, when I upload them online I get pretty good comments, but I've barely shared them on forums. So this topic will be filled with most of my caws, that I'm working on, or have already posted. Also, no one is barely creating anything on XBOXOne anymore, so I feel like I need to step it up more. Soo Enjoy, share some feedback, anything that will help Alex Riley Hashtags: Alex Riley, NXT, A-RY, The_Miz Chris Hero Hashtags: Chris Hero, Kassius Ohno, ROH, Death By Elbow Bubba Ray Dudley D-Von Dudley
  9. I tried it and it looks great!! Thank you so much for the input.
  10. That's so dope!!! I'm so happy to get noticed now a day, I appreciate the positive comments
  11. Haha ! Thank you !! I Want to do the entrance jackets but I dont have enough ref. pics Thank you so much !! Trying to get noticed !
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