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  1. You cant get US Netflix when you dont have a computer. I dont care enough to bother trying to get it, I just want our default one to be better.What do you watch Netflix on? Cause you can get the US one through Xbox,PS, Apple TV etc.I also recommend Narcos, on episode 8 and don't want it to finish man.
  2. Check your PMs man

  3. "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse."

  4. Your sig is done :)

    1. Menacing Angel

      Menacing Angel

      The sig looks awesome! Thanks bro :)


  5. Your sig is done :)

    1. Dazman™


      Wow, that was quick and it looks great. Thank you Sir :)

  6. She sure does have some fine legs.

  7. *Censored* *Censored* Please dont stop these MUTHPHUCKKIN REAL G's!!!!!

  8. Please tell me who that is in your sig.

  9. Congrats on the mod spot.

  10. WTF were you banned for bro?

  11. Hope you dont mind me asking but where is the credit?

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