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  1. What the fucc is that Alexa Bliss mask thingy lmao

    1. Jeb ★

      Jeb ★

      Lmao it's from a commercial for No Mercy PPV

  2. Probably been sleeping on it, but god, Green Room is so *censored*ing good. Could actually watch it over and over again. Saulnier has such a polished approach, despite being so "new" to the business.
  3. well shit I totally was mistaken of course that belt is sexy as hell i can see that now, i wanna do it so bad right now
  4. That title is ugly as shit though
  5. Looks cool! Very... I dunno... traditionally superhero-y? I made two, haven't played very far though. Afroskull Marine with iiiiiiice powers: aaaand cyborg soldier chick:
  6. Thank you At the minute, all I've got to go off of is a mixture of the movies my parents watched while they were growing up, along with what various blu-ray forum members recommend (think Battle Royale is the only foreign film I've seen mentioned a lot on there) so if you've got a bunch of films I should check out, then by all means shoot man. Any U.S. films you'd recommend would be cool too. Das Kabinett des Dr Caligari is probaly THE German film. Tokyo Story is amazing. I mentioned it above, but 12 Angry Men is, to me, one of the best classic movies. Better than Citizen Kane or Vertigo even.
  7. Tree of Life is amazing, visually. I also really liked The Grande Budapest Hotel. I just love the use of color and how it pops. I feel 12 Angry Men can be mentioned too. Visually really basic but great work of camera, especially for its time. It just really adds to the atmosphere in my opinion.
  8. Kristen Stewart is a pretty good actress though. Her reputation is just in the shitter cuzloltwilight. Also, I guess that cheating/affair thing didn't do her any favors, but I never really read up on what happened. Still, she's really capable.
  9. https://account.xbox.com/de-de/gameclip/bdbe72bb-b381-4ed7-966a-e80d5569b08a?gamerTag=Lyriqz%20VC&scid=8e4a0100-1d0e-4885-b99e-7f3f57f36f95 I know that's not a screenshot, but goddamn I had to share this.
  10. Jesus Christ, man, how many movies do you watch?
  11. Looks messy with the HUD, but thought it was still pretty neat.
  12. y0, did you listen to the new slaves album yet?

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    2. !I!I!I


      sup br0 just listened...pretty much wat i expected: instrumentals = stock scene music af (although bass work is cool at times) and Jonny is still rly good but cant single-handedly save the majority of these tracks. lots of similar slow-mid tempo songs without strong choruses that just meander and go nowhere and def should have been cut (srs FIFTEEN songs on a *censored*ing slaves album haha wtf!? r they trying to be some gross 1960s 'rock epic' band or something?? idgi =\)

    3. !I!I!I


      the opener + the Tilian feature r legit good doe, honestly surprised me (much better than anything on debut) - "I wanna go back to the days in our car" is great hook! Still, there's so much bad weighing down the few accomplishments they make here...if they had cut it to tracks 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 13, 15 they w00d have had a tight, streamlined, decent & easily-consumed album. instead... :(

    4. Lyriqz ✪

      Lyriqz ✪

      Tbh I didn't even listen yet lool. I got a random notification from that site I ordered my tank/debut cd packkagetheir on. Like, I didn't even know they'd ever mail me. Figured I'd ask you about it. I'm just so bored by this formula postcore scene bleh. 15 songs would probs gimme an aneurysm with samsie music. Ill give it a listen still, but yeah, hype for SLAVES died down real quick after TAWAE

  13. Great movie Yeah, was good. Hugh Jackman was actually good. Also, I love Jake Gyllenhaal.
  14. "Tipping close to 40 accounts." What the *Censored*, forreal? Lmao

    1. Ernez


      Yeah seriously. He doesn't even hide good. He always uses similar emails and stuff.

  15. Replaying Life Is Strange in two alt. slots atm. Using one to *censored*ing *Censored* Jefferson over every chance I get, the other, I'm being the biggest possible asshole to everyone.
  16. ur avy thooo

    1. limitbreak


      fka twigs is amazing, i love making avys of her :P



  17. GTA Lightning is dope: Biiiiitch, I'm a Werewolf, you're invalid as *Censored*
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