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  1. His attire looks too generic in my opinion. you can work it out,create some original logos and/or find some cool ones in the CC. You can use some logos on his face as well to give him a more "alive" expression.Use your imagination with and he can turn out to be awesome man! I Hope I was helpful!
  2. I guess I have to put it in simpler words so that even you can get it mr.sarcastic guy. I want help with the chronological order of the PPVs before WM XIX and which superstars I can use to make it more realistic. If you are not in a position to help then don't. If you are trying to come out as a "smart guy" or a funny guy then you need to try more man.
  3. Hey guys what's up I plan on making a ruthless aggression era universe and I need your help on 1.PPVs 2.Active superstars Thanks in advance
  4. Hey guys what's up. I am currently having a lot of fun with universe mode with this simple 3 step method. Ok first of all create a stable with the guys you want to play as. This will give you more possibilities of storylines as the group might split up and have a rivalry with each other. Secondly play ONLY as these specific superstars and try to set up matches with their "highest" rivals. This will expand the cut scenes that occur. Also, don't be afraid to lose a match every now and then as this will be more realistic for your rivalries and storylines and will add to the overall experience. And lastly choose what championship each of the stable members will go after. For example in my universe I have Sheamus, BNB and Rusev as a stable. Sheamus goes for the WHC, Rusev for the US championship and BNB for the IC title. BUT no one from the stable can go for each other's championship at least not until I decide to split them up or bring someone else into the stable and kick someone out. Trust me you'll spend hours and hours playing and creating feuds and stables and going after championships with your stable. I hope you'll find my method useful!
  5. It's my show on Universe. Pro Wrestling Syndicate
  6. Eddie Evans is looking better than ever! Definitely going to download him when I get back from work! Good job man!
  7. Looking great! Is h up on cc?
  8. They are all perfect for my PwS show! Thanks man!
  9. The first thing I'm gonna do? Reunite the Shield and try to capture every single championship there is with them. And the second thing I'm gonna do...Turn Cena heel change his theme and his attire and crush everyone.
  10. Dude...that's definitely not a work around...you're just playing music from your pc while playing the game.
  11. I got WWE 2K15 5 days before release last year from a local store near me. I hope they get early this year as well!
  12. The game is shaping up to be really good this year. Is it going to be THE best ever? Highly doubt it. Is it going to be the best of the last 10 years? Probably. We cannot know until we play it, don't get me wrong I love the improvements I see in the videos and I know it'll be a good game heck maybe it'll be a great game but every game has its flaws especially if it's a sports game...we all know that.
  13. Holy smokes is this real or am I hallucinating from smoking too much weed today? That looks awesome!
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