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  1. Dark grass is a horrendous typing. Weak to ice, fairy, fighting, fire, flying, and 4x weak to bug. Poor guy
  2. Affection and friendship are the same thing in swsh. I just gave me Eevee 12 ev reducing berries and had it learn charm and boom got sylveon.
  3. Ultra sun was my longest hunt. 2100 eggs for shiny lycanroc dusk. Took me about 2 months of off and on breeding
  4. I'm two shinies in on pokemon sword. Rotom was my first on the second egg. Bunnelby took a bit longer at 287 eggs
  5. You have to battle them. They don't appear shiny in the overworld
  6. I finally got my first gigantamax with a competitive nature. Timid charizard after about 20 minutes of sring.
  7. I like the nature changing. Hopefully the new nature passes when breeding so I don't have to swap dittos all the time when breeding.
  8. I finished 9th overall in the best of generation 7 tournament in my pokemon league. It would have been nice to finish higher but I'm happy that I finished as high as I did.
  9. I'm so sad that dreadnaw is water rock. I wanted to use the little guy for one of my dragon type gym teams
  10. I would love for Sobble's final evo to be water/dragon. It would be a unique typing for a starter and it would give me something new to tinker with on my gym teams
  11. Tried sneaking up on a alligator with a hunting knife. Didn't go well
  12. Zygarde is a form change. Manaphy can breed but phione can't evolve into manaphy
  13. Got my shiny Absol. 298 eggs
  14. Started breeding for a shiny absol. 185 eggs in so far
  15. Ultra is more useful for competitive players. It has nice little fun side quests but the main story is crap.
  16. You are hunting in ultra correct?.̧̨͔̠͈̗̝̹͛̈́͑̉͆̌͌̕͝ͅ.̧͙̦̩͖͍̻͚̋̔̎̃͑̔͐̋.̷̧̤͈͔̻̥̗̦̈́̋͊̆͌̄̍͡.̨̜̳̹͒̿̇͊͊͗͜͝.̸̟͚̘̹̜̠̉̐̏̋̌͗̚͢͞ͅy̵̛̟̘͍̼̰̆̆́̃̍̈̚͘̚͜ͅe̸̺͕̱̞̪̻͆̈́̂̉́̒̕s̷̢̢̺͎̗̞̖̄̔̍̔̀͌͢ͅͅ Is that a missingno? What the hell is that? it started as a yes just like shiny hunting started as a nice hobby fun part is that i predicted this would happen when i first posted about this in january HOLY *censored*ING SHIT I'VE BEEN DOING THIS SINCE JANUARY It took me over 2100 eggs for shiny lycanroc dusk.
  17. Got shiny Roggenrola. Only 217 eggs.
  18. You are hunting in ultra correct?
  19. I'm loving my new team. I'm 9-0 with it with one 6-0 and 4 forfeits. The team is Mega scizor, slowbro,amoonguss,weavile,heatran,and donphan
  20. Finally got my shiny dusk lycanroc after 2100 eggs on Saturday . Decided to go for shiny gliscor on Sunday and got it in 9.
  21. I finally got a gym sub position in the Pokemon league I'm in. I will be subbing for our psychic type gym leader
  22. It'll probably be mid November like usual
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