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  1. I'd love to see the following sign with AEW. Tenille Dashwood Johnny Mundo Willie Mack (Though he'd be a great fit for NWA) The Revival (Again would fit in perfectly with NWA too) Drago (They could use some more Lucha Libre) Taya Tessa Blanchard (Probably the hottest female wrestler in wrestling currently. I don't mean her looks when I say hottest. She just a really talented wrestler.) Contra Unit (Say what you want about Josef, but the dude can *Censored* a mother*censored*er up.) Lance Storm (Get this man signed as a trainer or something.)
  2. While I love me some Cornette. I always imagined he'd be a better behind the scenes guy for NWA. I was honestly hoping he'd sign with AEW. But that's a huge signing for Billy Corgan. Especially since Jim said he didn't wanna do anything like that again around this time last year on his podcast.
  3. So I know I've been pretty silent in the almost year now. I started working on more CAWs last night. It'll be a whole new save with a bunch of random stuff.
  4. *Update #420* Well I've been busy with work and life. I also stupidly fell into the massive shit storm known as WWE 2K18 on the PS4. I strongly urge you to avoid as it's a *censored*ing train wreck. I plan to make a comeback to HCTP. I haven't done anything other than add Issac Yankem lately. I'm thinking of doing some more soon. With that said, I'm still not sure who I'll make. But you can best damn believe it'll be worth it.
  5. Added a Dr. Isaac Yankem D.D.S to the save. I'll be adding more as the weeks continue.
  6. *Update #247* I haven't done much in the way of HCTP. I won't lie to any of you, but I fell victim to WWE 2K16 & 2K17. Mainly for all the "New Generation" representation in it. Well it's no secret I'm a big fan of that era. I plan to come back to HCTP soon. You can safely bet to see that era represented in some way on this save. I've got some ideas for this last save. As Fire Pro World is coming out for the PS4 soonish. So I'll make this last one count. I appreciate all the patience everyone has when it comes to me releasing these saves. But it's well worth the wait as you've seen.
  7. Sorry about the lack of updates on this project. Last night I added three new caws to the save. 6. Razor Ramon (Yellow Trunks & Gold Razor logo) 7. Shoei "Giant" Baba (AJPW Red trunks) 8. Pegasus Kid (Masked Blue Attire) Now with Razor I had to improvise to make the logos stick out. So the word RaZoR is in a darker yellow than his trunks. I gave the razor a darker yellow and a red outline to make it more visible. Pegasus Kid I might try to turn into Wild Pegasus. I've been working on trying to capture his face on a sperate caw. I still haven't done Hunter Hearst Helmsley yet. I'm procrastinating on doing him. He will get done though. I was thinking of doing the blonde haired Masahiro Chono as another treat to this variant attire save. Well I'm off to watch YouTube for Pegasus Kid/Wild Pegasus matches. I'm still taking attire requests for people. Just get me a decent base caw and pictures of said attire. I'll try my very best to get it done.
  8. Well with the announcement of the new Fire Pro game. This will probably be my last save I do. As all my gaming time is gonna go towards that. But I will deliver one more kick ass save before it's released. Confirmed Roster so far 1.Jim Neidhart(New Foundation) 2.Steve Austin (Green Ringmaster Tights) 3.Dean Malenko (ECW variant) 4.Big Boss Man(Corporation Swat) 5.Undertaker(WWF Debut) I'll get around to doing a early HHH eventually. I'm gonna look at what's all been made already. After that I'll decide who to make from there. I do think a ECW or WCW Cactus Jack is very possible. That's because I'm a Mick Foley fan. Give me a month or so to get some more CAW's made. As always I'll give each one their appropriate era moveset. So Steve Austin won't be using a Stunner yet. Dean Malenko will work more as a shoot wrestler style moveset. Just little things to keep the CAW's accurate. Thanks for all the support and patience guys. This last save is gonna be something special for sure. Especially if I can get some decent bases going. Because most of the trouble with doing this is a decent base CAW.
  9. I honestly haven't been doing anything with HCTP since December. I've been busy with school and healing from a accident. I might do some more CAW's in the following weeks. I'm not exactly sure who to do yet. But whoever I do it'll be a variant attire you don't see often.
  10. Thanks for the Barnett base. I might do a NJPW variant for him. I know a guy did a MMA version back in the day.
  11. I can do that Hunter Hearst Helmsley for you no problem. No offense to him ,but I don't really like his attires. I already did some Hasbro attires. That would the green and purple Rockers attires. I'll move forward with Ken Shamrock then. Yeah I love me some Fire Pro that's no secret. But Ken would be the only one I'd wanna do. He was my favorite MMA fighter. He'd be in his MMA attire as well. Maybe a Josh Barnett if I can find a good base.
  12. I'll give it a go. Not really all that different from the Jean Paul Levesque attire. You want early or later Hunter? Cause early Hunter used pretty much the same moveset. Later Hunter it expanded some more. Either way I have the material to watch to make either one. Any other ones you wanna see? I'm ruling out solo heel Crush unfortunately. I tried to do him last week. I'm like 3 layers short when I get to the chest/gut logo. That's even hacking over the underwear. I'll be honest here. I was actually toying with the idea of doing a UFC style Ken Shamrock. I've been watching some old UFC ppvs from like 95 & 96. I'm thinking I can probably translate his shoot style in the HCTP moveset OK. Not 100 % sold on doing that yet.
  13. Just finished up a TNA era Brian Lawler(Brian Christopher). *Edit* I added a "Ringmaster" Steve Austin to the mix. I'm debating about doing a ECW Taz and a NWA Shane Douglas.
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