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  1. I'd love to see the following sign with AEW. Tenille Dashwood Johnny Mundo Willie Mack (Though he'd be a great fit for NWA) The Revival (Again would fit in perfectly with NWA too) Drago (They could use some more Lucha Libre) Taya Tessa Blanchard (Probably the hottest female wrestler in wrestling currently. I don't mean her looks when I say hottest. She just a really talented wrestler.) Contra Unit (Say what you want about Josef, but the dude can *Censored* a mother*censored*er up.) Lance Storm (Get this man signed as a trainer or something.)
  2. While I love me some Cornette. I always imagined he'd be a better behind the scenes guy for NWA. I was honestly hoping he'd sign with AEW. But that's a huge signing for Billy Corgan. Especially since Jim said he didn't wanna do anything like that again around this time last year on his podcast.
  3. So I know I've been pretty silent in the almost year now. I started working on more CAWs last night. It'll be a whole new save with a bunch of random stuff.
  4. *Update #420* Well I've been busy with work and life. I also stupidly fell into the massive shit storm known as WWE 2K18 on the PS4. I strongly urge you to avoid as it's a *censored*ing train wreck. I plan to make a comeback to HCTP. I haven't done anything other than add Issac Yankem lately. I'm thinking of doing some more soon. With that said, I'm still not sure who I'll make. But you can best damn believe it'll be worth it.
  5. "The One" Seth Lovecraft vs AJ Styles It was a back and forth match. Seth Lovecraft took charge in the beginning of the match. AJ ended up making a comeback towards the end even hitting two Styles Clash on "The One" with him kicking out both times. Finally in the end Seth hits a quick super kick signature and ending it with a Calgary Recall (Downward Spiral).
  6. It's the game and not the system update. In order to use created content you have to be online. It's not a system issue.
  7. I'd love to see a The One Billy Gunn attire if you plan for a short hair slot.
  8. I'm sick of not being able to use my downloaded caws and arenas offline. It keeps giving me that "parental lock" crap. Cause I don't like playing online as much anymore.
  9. I'll have to download these for sure. I'm really digging the WCW Thunder arena. Most don't include the TBS logo. Any chance of seeing more WCW arenas in the future?
  10. No you're shit out of luck dude. The games server was closed. You'll have to go to 2K17 or wait for 2K18.
  11. Added a Dr. Isaac Yankem D.D.S to the save. I'll be adding more as the weeks continue.
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