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    Lower Midcard
  • Birthday 02/11/1994

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    Daniel Bryan
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    Money isn't everything but it's right up there with oxygen.
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    Adelaide, Australia
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About Me

Hi guys,

My name is Dan.I'm an proud Aussie,I love Wrestling, Games, Music and I own a PS3.

My favourite diva is A.J.


Dedication List

Showstopper101 -

I cannot explain showstopper in any way he is amazing.

If I asked him to bump my topic, sure he would and if I asked for him to find something, sure he would.

And what did I do for him nothing, he is amazing.


Status -

Status is the best mod ever, he is fair & caring, he is truly fantastic.


ColdBloodEnigma -

Like Showstopper, CBE is a great online friend.

He can make a joke and is friendly.

If you need anything just ask him.


Santacaw -

I've added Santacaw because he's patient & kind. In SvR 11 Requests I had a topic going where people would request superstars.

Well, Santacaw requested Rikishi & I said I would post it, and I never did. I said sorry and he forgave me straight away, when looking for someone to add as a friend consider Santacaw.


DroStudios -

Ok, Dro would have to be awarded best diva fan on Caw.ws. He's running a really successful fed and I applaud him for that. He does all the graphics and designs.

And is nice. He's not afraid to share his opinions and that makes him great.


Thanks for reading my page.


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