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  1. What's going on with your fed

  2. Hey may I ask what your PSN is?

  3. Hey the fed isn't that poular right now

  4. Mann, yoou need to bump out fed please

  5. I might be able to help with CAw's

  6. Can you please anwser.

    Wen do you think you'll be done?


  7. so, can you make that title sig I requested

  8. Don't thank me you earned it :^)

  9. Added you to my dedication in my Ábout me'section

  10. It's simulation which means you don't have to have the game

  11. Join my WWE 12 simulation fed

  12. You've been added to my Dedication list in my page

  13. Just updated my page

  14. On which console

    PS U might want to post on my page because I just noticed the message while on your page.


  15. Because i never see you on I thought I should apologise,

    Remember when I was making CAW's for SvR 2011 and people we're saying requests and you guys wanted Rikishi or someone and I never uploaded. Sorry.


  16. Hey man,

    Long time no virtual chatting

  17. Join my Simulation fed 'Wrestle for the titles'http://caws.ws/forum/topic/412950-simulated-ps3-fed-wrestle-for-the-titles-caws-allowed/

  18. You should join my Simulation Fed 'Wrestle for the titles'Guarnteed fun!

  19. Someone added you to a 'Players to avoid list'in SvR chat just so you know.


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