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  1. I know this game has its problems but this looks awesome so far.
  2. Gargano attire looks awesome. Best attire he wore.
  3. These are fantastic.Good job.
  4. Wish you were on ps4.These are fantastic.Great work
  5. Seems to work if i dont use a created arena in universe mode.
  6. I've emailed 2k whats been happening so fingers crossed something might happen but not anytime soon.
  7. Redid new universe to see if that works and did it bollocks. Red dead redemption for me until this is fixed which will probably be a while.
  8. Cant even load a match in universe mode anymore. *censored*ing pathetic. Evrything was fine until update.
  9. Old Randy orton song when he was in evolution i think. Burn in my light.
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