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  1. They had it right the first time. Snickers ruined it.
  2. I am aware of it, and they are going to start with the PC guys.
  3. A big part of running a wrestling company is managing the locker room morale atmosphere and morale, and releasing veterans and the buddies of your top guy isn’t going to go down well. Remember the reason Lawler walked out in 01? They released his wife. The guys in the PC are less likely to have that effect.
  4. I really don’t see those four getting the chop. Ryder has tenure on his side, only Miz and Orton have been around longer without leaving. Hawkins is one of their go-to guys for getting legends back to ring shape, Perfect and Lesnar were close so Axel’s safe, and Bo’s dad works there. If anything I see no-name PC scrubs getting the chop over main roster guys.
  5. There is nothing to debate. He is from Britain.
  6. To be honest, that’s extremely optimistic. I feel crowds are 2-3 years away, and even then I doubt it’d be in the triple digits. No Chance in Hell does WWE go on a break THAT long.
  7. You are aware we’re not getting crowds for a long, long, long time right? I honestly feel a better course of action would be to take a few months off, and come back with a LOT heavier focus on promos, even if we don’t have crowds. M
  8. I am using my Englishman’s privilege to celebrate our first British WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre.
  9. I’m calling this to end in a DQ or Lesnar cheating to win.
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