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  1. I swear someone out there does not want Edge getting a live performance of his theme.
  2. Honestly...I think a HoF w/crowd is off the table, but a 2004-esque ceremony with no crowd and a few short speeches by the nominees? I think it’s possible.
  3. Jeez. Ford just splatted on the outside.
  4. There’s a Mania 3:15 joke in there somewhere...
  5. I know there are more important things, but I just feel like it’s an interesting point of discussion, you know?
  6. True they could be greedy, but honestly I feel like this is a situation where common sense > greed. No way 2K21 turns out well if it releases in October. Honestly, if I had to rank all the possible outcomes I can see from this: A : The game comes out in October like it usually does. If that happens, expect a bad game. However, I’m gonna be fair and say maybe 2K has something up their sleeve and it could still turn out to be decent. B : The game will be delayed until a later date. This I feel is the most likely outcome. How much of a delay they get though is a mystery. Hopefully a delay until ‘Mania next year. C : 2K21 gets cancelled and whomever was scheduled to be added to said game gets added to 2K20 as DLC. This is honestly the option I prefer most. They could easily sell a “2K21 Season Pass” for like £/$40-50 and supply us with updates to keep us going for the next year, be it new people (Tegan Nox, KUSHIDA, WALTER, etc.) or even old legends returning (03 John Cena, Greg Valentine, Fabulous Freebirds, etc.) on top of an already stacked roster and it would take minimal effort. D : 2K21 is cancelled and 2K just tells is to tough it out with Community Creations. I can’t see this happening, no way either 2K or WWE will miss out on the payday.
  7. Let’s see if that works. It does. As Gen said, just use the old method.
  8. Right, I don't normally do this, but given what's going on, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the potential future of the series. AS you may or may not be aware if you have been living under a rock for the last several months, the world has been undergoing a global pandemic due to COVID-19, otherwise known as the Corona Virus, the Chinese Virus, or the Boris Bug. Planes have been grounded, shops have shut, events have been cancelled, and pretty much the entire world has ground to a screeching halt to some degree. Whether you like it or not, EVERYTHING has been affected in some way, shape or form, be it WWE having to tape shows in the Performance Centre behind closed door, or Formula 1 having to cancel a grand prix for only the second time in its 70+ year history. Sadly, I feel that our beloved WWE 2K franchise, as well as pretty much every video game being produced or released at some point this year, will be affected too. I will go over how I feel this will affect 2K21, expected to be released around October this year judging by release dates from previous entries, as well as how I personally will combat it, below. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ANYTHING FOLLOWING THIS IS JUST MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS & OPINIONS - I DO NOT WORK FOR 2K, OR ANY OTHER GAMING COMPANY, NOR DO I HAVE ANY CONNECTIONS IN THE INDUSTRY, I AM JUST A MERE FAN LIKE YOU Right, now that's out of the way, let's start by addressing the most obvious way 2K21 is going to be affected, staff shortages. Unless you are incredibly out of touch with recent news, there are quarantine measures going on all around the planet to try and combat this disease, with only "essential personnel" like emergency service or grocery store workers or factory workers to make ventilators to help people fight this disease. Sadly, like it or not, video games are not essential for living. Every video game company, from EA to 2K to DOntnod, is going to suffer from staff shortages right now due to people self-isolating or having their studios closed down, and out of those who do come in, I can see a lot of 2K's team being diverted to help their bigger franchises like GTA or NBA. As much as I hate to admit it, the WWE 2K series is nowhere near the list of 2K's top priorities, and they'll want to keep their top franchises going first. Second reason, lost development time. Normally during this part of the year is when the meat & potatoes of the game is being done, from models to the menus. If the studios are shut then a lot less work can be done. Yes if 2K allows them to they can work from home, but you can't exactly do motion capture for thins like new moves or cut scenes for Universe, MyCareer or Showcase from your living room. It's no good if we get a guy like WALTER but he has generic entrance #21. Honestly, I feel as though if 2K21 does go ahead as scheduled, it's going to suck massively, even worse than 2K20 did, and as a long-time fan of this series I do not want to see it suffer from bad break after bad break after bad break. Personally, I feel like the smart thing to do would be to cancel WWE 2K21 (before I go ahead any further, I know I have been the first guy to shut down this idea in the past, but that was before we had a virus causing a global pandemic & costing the team man power and development time. I feel this is honestly the best year they've ever had to do it) and just add the new gimmicks (heel Bayley/Io/Dakota etc.) superstars (WALTER, Tegan Nox, John Morrison, MVP, etc.) arenas (new RAW/SmackDown sets for instance) to 2K20, and come back, bigger, stronger & better with 2K22 on the next gen of consoles. A vast majority of new people most likely going to be in 2K21 either have entrances animations, moves or both already in the game. For example, WALTER's three biggest moves are a powerbomb, clothesline & top rope splash. We have several versions of all three of those. Plus, the Originals DLC gave us pretty much Austin Theory's entire moveset, as well as finishers for Kona Reeeves, Dominik Dijakovic, Kushida, and so many others. All they need is that final little step. And if you're worried about no commentary for the newbies you shouldn't be, it can be recorded from home and sent to 2K. Plus, there are plenty of other ways to add to 2K20, unlock all the MyCareer/Showcase NPCs for our personal use, or maybe even add back alumni like Summer Rae, the Ascension or Emma. With the Indy scene drying up right now I'm sure they'd be glad for the check. To conclude, I feel it would be a VERY bad idea for 2K21 to release as scheduled, and if it does go ahead, be prepared for it to suck. Well that does it from me, how do you feel Corona's going to affect 2K21? DO you think it will improve or worsen the game? I@mm interested in your thoughts too.
  9. Let’s go Deonna next week!
  10. I love how managers are making a comback recently, Vega, Bivens, Stone (who REALLY needs to eat a Rough Ryder) among others. I’d love to see Vickie Guerrero come back, and maybe move Titus to a manager too.
  11. So Mr. Bivens finally debuted.
  12. Who is that ref? She’s gorgeous.
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