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  1. I think Eli Drake would be a great fit for AEW. I love his work in NWA.
  2. It's really impressive to see how well your CAWs are transitioning into next gen, specially Shelby Danes considering I'm familiar with her for the longest (perhaps 8 years already) and followed her evolution throughout the years. Somehow you managed to make Hana Brightly look atractive compared to previous iterations, specially due to the cleavage which is hard getting used to. XD Outstanding work as usual, see you on the next one.
  3. If you do have the layers for it, split the logo in two separate halfs and use two layers for it. This way you can stretch the logo further.
  4. Daisuke Horie turned out amazingly well. Love the AJPW vibe he has to him.
  5. TiagoVWA

    Chris Rivera

    If possible, try taking pictures in a straight angle, as this makes it really hard to make a comment on both face and body morphing. Overall, I did the simplistic look, but perhaps it is a little too simple. Try adding some extra detail to the CAW using in-game logos and designs whereas it doesn't have to look flashy, but in a way it can increase the value of your creation.
  6. Sugar Jones is equally one of my favorites from you as well.
  7. Quality creations as always, Buddha. Nadi never fails to impress.
  8. The fourth and second attires are clearly my favorites. Specially love the texture detail inside the hoodie. Great job as always. Also worth mentioning I always appreciate seeing CAWs that don't require the use of Paint Tool logos.
  9. Hamilton Jones looks really good.
  10. TiagoVWA

    nus07's Originals

    Good job on Eddie Chavez. Really like how the morphing turned out.
  11. Buddha wins the internet. Also, I like the first attire. I'd keep the CAW going on that route, if originality is what you're going for.
  12. TiagoVWA

    CAW hair glitch

    You can always simply fill it with designs.
  13. I remember that layout quite well, so I do remember GFX.CAWs.ws. Both sites had a special meaning to me at the time.
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