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  1. I played all the way through Life is Strange over Christmas weekend, incredible game. Now I'm splitting my time between Doom, Hitman and Overwatch. I really need to get my backlog of games down.
  2. I'm all about The Division at the moment, think I'm Level 15, maybe 16. The Dark Zone is a scary place when you're alone though. I've been trying to play TEW but for some reason it wont recognise new databases.
  3. I'm playing Gears of War Ultimate Edition with my roommate, and I'm installing The Witcher 3 now.
  4. Moved into my new flat, and got floor seats for NXT. Now I just need Liverpool to not lose later and it will be a great day. As someone who lives in Plymouth(where they invented the pasty), that pasty looks like an abomination. Where's the Swede? And the Beef looks subpar. Damn. The rest of the places like great though.
  5. I got a beef brisket sandwich for the Christmas Market for my lunch. Doesn't sound like much, but it was dope AF.
  6. I've got Halo 5 installing now. Didn't get know it was dispatched, got home from work to find it on the doorstep.
  7. Not just any penis, it's a penis with a chariot. Wait a *censored*ing minute. It's from the Shin Megami Tensei games. That's not even the most messed up genital themed monster, but it's the one I find funniest.
  8. Not just any penis, it's a penis with a chariot.
  9. I've just went through most of the current rosters merch, and I can't believe how poor most of them are, the one's I'd be most likely to buy are Sami's Underground one, Breeze's selfie one or Enzo and Cass's blue one. At a push I might buy the RKO outta nowhere one. I did notice though that after Cena, The Bella Twin's have the most merch on the website with 81 products(more than Bryan and Roman and Wyatt combined), over half of them are reduced for clearance though. Most of it is bracelets and stuff though, it still seems odd to me that there's so little Roman merch out there.
  10. My and my buddies have just done Halo3 and 4. Think we're starting ODST tonight. Really not looking forward to it. I'm also playing Sunset Overdrive and FFX HD. Forgot how much talking there is at the start of that game.
  11. The Young Bucks tweeted today that they were working on voice overs for a NJPW video game. I liked the WK games as try were basically it's DOR reskins. But that was years ago. Will be great to see how the big characters and entrances for guys like Nakamura, Okada and Suzuki will look in video game form.
  12. Finally got a day off work so I spent it playing Evil Within, looking forward to my next day off so I can play Alien Isolation.
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