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    Smackdown, top gear, ufc
  1. Just remember how we were hyped about 2k15 My Career... i wont trust anything until someone plays the game
  2. I didnt...i just never saw wwe game worth of its full price. Ill try to wait for a price drop, unless they show something good about game
  3. Yes you will get terminator and game will be downloaded before release day, so you can play a game at midnight...well after downloading day one patch which became standart
  4. For some reason i think there will be Lesnar, The Shield and obvious Austin's showcases
  5. Why would you even think that Austin will select a soundtrack? I still think it was one time thing with Cena, i hope it wont become a stupid gimmick for the game
  6. SiMaS

    How do I…

    L analog to any bottom corner and X (A on xbox)
  7. No you are wrong. I made tag team of retro kane and taker, and brothers of destruction entrance wasnt there
  8. Theres no free codes, and why would anyone would give it away, then they had to pay for them?
  9. Edit character/personal info/use as alternate attire
  10. SiMaS


    They dont give a *Censored*. I had a lot of hope in 2k but they seem ignoring us and focused on releasing these crappy showcase dlc
  11. You need to graple your opponent with X, then hold R2 and choose limb, then wrestler on the ground, walk around him and hold R2 it will show limb you are targeting and press X for legs/arms/head.
  12. Cause youre not big enough for these ppv
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