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  1. How many points do you guys currently have?
  2. It won't even let me play a game now,I keep getting this glitch! Everytime I click to play a match it comes up saying "you've ran out of cards"!
  3. I feel buying packs ruins the fun of the game...
  4. I faced someone with a record of 3-0, what suprised me was he had a legendary cena which had 400+ stats in every compartment.
  5. Same thing happened to me,I ended up losing. I could've kicked his ass if everyone on my team had good energy. My reward was two rare Goldust's...
  6. I'm currently in the quarters winning! I've still got two games left of this round then the semis. Man this is long...
  7. How many games did you play to reach there? Cuz ATM it looks like I'm going to reach the Semi's but sadly I'll be asleep then meaning my cards may potentially be very low on energy
  8. I'm top of mine as well, but I've still got 2 games left. Somehow only lost once,the reward better be good!
  9. My current team Super Rare Big E Langston Super Rare Vince McMahon Rare Alberto Del Riooooo Rare Daniel Bryan Rare Natayla(her stats are all 88+)
  10. 32-1 now in KOTR,lost while I was asleep...
  11. The KOTR tournament is far too long, I'm currently placed number 1 with a 21-0 record...
  12. Just got Super rare Vince McMahon,man is he good. 150 charisma!!
  13. fizpop

    Youtube Channel

    It's stupid, I bought a capture card and no matter how hard I try it never works.
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