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  1. Ok, thanks anyway

  2. What match is that from in your sig (The second GIF)?

  3. Who wrote the "epic speech of April 1st, 2010". I've seen the full one, but who was it?

  4. How long did it take you to make all of the small sprites?

  5. If you actually made them, I bow down to you ;D

  6. Dam that's awesome! Have you ever made a smaller size sprite (micro). You should join Micro Assault :)

  7. :o That's amazing. Did you use any Photoshop effects, or pixel by pixel?
  8. Lol, I'll fix it once I've finished the 2 micros I'm working on now :P

  9. @yoursig #AreYouSeriousBro? I don't think you know how to spell ThreeG...

  10. @yoursig #AreYouSeriousBro? I don't think you know how to spell ThreeG...

  11. I'll check 'em out, thanks :)

  12. Not yet, but I'm planning on getting it soon. The songs I've heard from it are great though! Thanks by the way :D You should try making some, lol :)

  13. haha, sorry, I was on my phone so notifications don't show up.

  14. Thanks, you Haas's bro?

  15. Hey, you getting back into microing anytime soon?

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