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  1. yeah same. 8 matches with a bunch of dudes that are already in the game sucks. Do a Ruthless Aggression one with some obscure names. Give me a "history of WWE" showcase with 50 matches with names from the pre Golden Era onwards. Do something different.
  2. We'll either Stacy or A-Kid today and the other tomorrow.
  3. so Umaga's theme and King Booker's theme, much like many wrestler's themes, are stock music. You can purchase different versions from libraries, but typically a full version, a 90 second version, a 60 second version, a 30 second version, and a "stinger". In Umaga's case, I think the team was unaware that WWE made an edit themselves of "Virtual Voodoo", and just purchased the full version instead of getting the theme itself from WWE. In King Booker's case, I think it was out of laziness, they didn't check to see which version they licensed, and accidentally grabbed the 30 second version.
  4. Licensing. WWE does not own all the rights to the song, and probably doesn't wanna pay royalties to the person that wrote it.
  5. not to mention he's in the very last pack. they have plenty of time to update the attire.
  6. just refresh the page and you should be logged in. it's what i've been doing for the past few days.
  7. King Nakamura I don't mind as much since he was "King of Strong Style" in NJPW so it kinda makes sense as a shortened WWE name, but HAPPY CORBIN is such a stupid name. like hey guys it's me pro wrestling superstar melancholy matt.
  8. that depends if 2k23 releases at WrestleMania, or if we get 2k24 in October and resume the old schedule. That is also assuming 2K and WWE stay together.
  9. So I figured with there being so many unlockables with no real list or guide to unlocking anything, why not have the community collaborate and post their findings?
  10. She's been on TV for months and had a shirt located in the crowd. Most assumed that was a solid confirmation, and honestly with Cactus having a shirt in the crowd and being DLC, I'd not be shocked if she were DLC.
  11. May just not have been found. honestly, We'll probably have DLC dataminded by Dynamite on Wednesday.
  12. they have misspelled names in the past like Nikolai Volkoff, so I wouldn't doubt it.
  13. so Kacy and Indie have been found. Wyatt's 2k18 model is still on the disc as is Mankind. lol
  14. not to be petty but a day and a half ago there were people in this thread yearning for a WWE x EA collab... and now it's a bad thing because "oh wait the game seems like it's actually good. maybe i shouldn't have judged before seeing more than fifteen total minutes." Maybe it's because I grew up on "Here is a magazine screenshot of SYM! The game comes out in three months. That's it!" or "Oh here are four screen shots of HCTP, here is an inaccurate roster with Jeff Hardy and FBI posted from IGN. See you in November!" or better yet "Wait there is a new WWE Game on Gamecube????"
  15. I wouldn't hold my breath on Advanced Entrances. I think they'll be back next year. Though I'd love to be wrong.
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