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  1. I'm gonna guess we won't find out until either one of the YouTubers posts about it or until the game is out. I feel like they're just going to reveal one roster character for all alternates(potentially getting Dude Love and Cactus Jack, but only having Mankind revealed/The Rock '99 being revealed but not showing modern Rock)
  2. And who is to say we still aren't getting King Sheamus? We have yet to see the on-disc roster. lol come on, unless they're doing like a focus on KotR winners, why would King Sheamus be in the game? What was the point of King Booker last year as opposed to Booker T? Who is to say we don't get a mass amount of alternate characters this year? I mean, I agree the likelihood is pretty slim, but it's not out of the realm of possibility with Sheamus being under contract.
  3. And who is to say we still aren't getting King Sheamus? We have yet to see the on-disc roster.
  4. I wouldn't expect that until after we get the roster reveal. I expect guys like Jarrett, most of the UK guys, and NXT's roster to be apart of the main roster this year.
  5. I'd guess anywhere from tomorrow to next week, we'll know something. Usually not long after NBA's announcement, we get the WWE announcement, and NBA's hit today.
  6. I could see uploading them to CC being a problem due to copy-written material, but doing something like uploading themes or videos into the game like the photo editor should be implemented.
  7. Without going to into things, I could see them disbanding Sanity and sending Dain to NXT-UK as a main player, moving Eric Young to a producer role, and sending Wolfe to be repackaged in NXT. Dillinger I could see leaving. Plus with rumors that Brock will be in talks with AEW, UFC, and WWE we could lose him as well. Not to mention, coming soon to generic entrances: Shielded Lunatic and Cure for Insomnia. 2K20 will need a bigger legends roster and an expanded developmental game. If you're going to be signing all the UK scene to deals, then some of their talent needs to represented in game beyond Dunne and Bate. People like Regal and Albert should also still be in, either as their modern or retro personas. I say now more than ever they need to implement either a WWF vs WCW showcase spanning from Starrcade 83 to Survivor Series 2001, or something along those lines. The legends roster has been severely lacking in the past few years. The way they do DLC has been as well. They have to do a lot of work, especially if AEW picks off and gets a game deal as well. We certainly live in interesting times for Pro Wrestling.
  8. Edge, I gave Ronda's wall tron, and Rhyno's floor video, and seth's apron video.
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