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  1. Lmfao I totally forgot about the Bloodline match wow
  2. They got Brawling Brutes doing random comedy ads
  3. “Double Main Event” cause they don’t want Brock to feel bad for his match going second to last lmaoooo
  4. I don’t understand why they nixed Hurt Business V2 with Omos
  5. The crowd chanting the counts in Spanish is the coolest thing
  6. Cody Rhodes Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Matt Riddle Bianca Belair Rhea Ripley Seth Rollins Austin Theory Bad Bunny
  7. Trick is so nice with it on the mic
  8. Yessir better than what any of the members are doing by themselves rn (even Indi as NXT champion lol), I'd be fine with at least just reuniting InDex
  9. Bless up Also bless up
  10. I just realized Samantha Irvin won’t announce Imperium’s entrance anymore:( Unless we draft Ricochet to Raw so she can come with
  11. Von Wagner really listed as a free agent lmfao DO NOT call bro up please
  12. More draft picks from SmackDown LowDown added
  13. * = switched brands (RAW to SmackDown/vice versa) * = called up from NXT Night 1: Friday Night SmackDown - 4/28/2023 Results: Night 2: Monday Night Raw - 5/1/2023 Results: Raw Roster: SmackDown Roster: Free Agents: Baron Corbin Brock Lesnar Cedric Alexander Dolph Ziggler Elias Mustafa Ali Omos (w/ MVP) Shelton Benjamin Von Wagner Xyon Quinn Injured/Out of Action/Undrafted: Alexa Bliss Aliyah Big E Bray Wyatt Carmella R-Truth Randy Orton Robert Roode Shanky Tommaso Ciampa * Rosters take effect after WWE Backlash on Saturday, May 6
  15. Kayden and Katana better get drafted
  16. Gunther WHC agenda starting
  17. It seems like half the NXT women’s roster are/have gotten ACL injuries in the past year
  18. Jeb ★

    WWE Drama

    https://news.bloomberglaw.com/daily-labor-report/vince-mcmahon-wwe-sued-by-ex-writer-over-racist-scene-scripts More bullet points from the lawsuit: Ms. Sylvers & Plaintiff (the only black writers on the team, at the time) were tasked to pitch a love storyline between wrestlers Aaliyah, Mansoor & Angel Garza. Ms. Sylvers and Plaintiff pitched that Mansoor has a secret that he’s keeping from Aaliyah. Ryan Callahan (involved in lawsuit) disagreed with the secret Ms. Sylvers and Plaintiff wanted for the character. Instead, Callahan suggested, “how about his secret is he's behind the 9/11 attacks?” WWE forced wrestler Apollo Crews to speak with a Nigerian accent, just because of his Nigerian lineage. Plaintiff emailed Ryan Callahan and complained about the offensive nature of the requirement for Apollo Crews to speak with a stereotypical and exaggerated Nigerian accent. However, despite Plaintiff’s complaint, Callahan failed and/or refused to take corrective action and as a result Callahan and WWE forced Plaintiff to require Apollo Crews to speak with a racially artificial Nigerian accent. It was discussed in the WWE writer’s Slack channel (app) before a show, that a new wrestler, Reggie, would dress in drag complete with wig and tights, “so he could partner with Carmella, a female wrestler, in a tag-team match against other female wrestlers.” Ryan Callahan who’s name has been involved with a lot of the daunting details in the current lawsuit is, as of today, the Vice President of WWE #SmackDown. Callahan Previously was fired as RAW’s lead writer in 2019 after reportedly being classed as ‘too difficult to work with’.
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