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  1. Glad we've been getting more of The Man character but with Big Time Beck's drip
  2. First “triple main event” opening the show LMFAOOOOOOOOO
  3. My Cora Jade championship agenda
  4. Rhea vs. Nattie and Becky vs. Trish added
  5. Isla Dawn… my god Why didn’t they put the vacant women’s tag title match for Night of Champions lol ———————————————- Roman even got scared of Solo when he bumped into him accidentally lmao
  6. Release date being so close has me so excited!
  7. None of the vids I’ve seen of tired finishers had the crawling pin, unless that’s still in there?
  8. Who snitched on the Don Tony D?!?!
  9. Prettiest Moonsault Ever can't be set as sig/fin, L
  10. Barrett started using Bullhammer in 2012, he kinda had the bare knuckle/barrett barrage gimmick at the time and still had a jacket/cape and rose entrance attire early on. BNB wasn't till end of 2013 I also thought from memory that BNB was when he first used the Bullhammer until I searched on Youtube lmao
  11. Apparently Saudi and Syria have been working on diplomatic relations so could explain why Zayn and Owens are now willing/allowed to go
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