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  1. I meant the free roam mode camera, but I went into it again today and it actually felt fine lmao. I think I have a good amount of updated attires and caws downloaded now so I'll probably be more inclined to take action shots now
  2. Make Dijak champ just for that dialogue alone
  3. I really wanna take action shots but the highlight reel camera is so slow this year I don't even wanna bother lol. Unless there's an option I'm missing to move it quicker Random MyRise screenshots (spoilers?)
  4. Liking Bron as a heel so far
  5. I appreciate everyone pronouncing Samoan correctly
  6. Weak ass heel turn by Trish, literally lol
  7. Moving the camera in highlight reel is so slow this year it almost makes me not wanna take screenshots lmfao
  8. WM 39 attires (I'll prolly be editing this post as they come out lol):
  9. Don’t need to worry about tagging WM spoilers here, just any threads outside of this one and the WM thread
  10. Cora's back, NXT already better than Raw this week
  11. I’m terrified for SmackDown
  12. WM 28 - John Cena fails to defeat The Rock, gets beat up by Brock Lesnar the Raw after WM 29 - John Cena defeats The Rock WM 39 - Cody Rhodes fails to defeat Roman Reigns, gets beat up by Brock Lesnar the Raw after …
  13. This a Universe Mode cutscene
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