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  1. As of right now:

    Cody Rhodes
    LA Knight
    Rhea Ripley
    Ilja Dragunov
    Becky Lynch
    Chad Gable
    Roman Reigns
    Logan Paul (as much as I dislike him outside the ring lol)

    Honorable mentions: Sami and Kevin, Dom Mysterio, Solo, Cora Jade, Nakamura, Melo, Sheamus

  2. Yea unless Ilja Dragunov (or Tyler Bate if built right somehow but feels like he’s just coasting down in NXT rn) gets called up soon then Gable’s the right guy to dethrone Gunther. Gunther then should go on to win the Rumble (repeat of him and Cody from this year but different result) and compete for the WHC

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