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  1. They put Asuka vs. IYO on free tv???
  2. Elias and Zeke were the same person???
  3. Dwayne showed up cause Roman's not here
  4. If I had to guess there will probably be a sale on it by the time the first or second DLC character comes out
  5. Jeb ★

    WWE Drama

    Yeah I imagine cardio would be the biggest thing he’d have to prioritize
  6. Just finished the story, it was great in my opinion. Now time for Invasions
  7. Star reportedly finishing up with AEW
  8. Dragunov and Wes Lee cooked. Either Tiffany will get the title back at No Mercy or Becky will start feuding with (my bias) Cora Jade
  9. Same, unfortunately my Gamestop’s not doing a midnight release for the premium edition so I’ll have to go in first thing Thursday
  10. I’M NOT LIKE MOST GIRLS Raw women’s division is cooked ima stick with NXT and SD
  11. Jimmy’s theme lowkey better than Jey’s lol (but they’re both mid)
  12. As of right now: Gunther Cody Rhodes LA Knight Rhea Ripley Ilja Dragunov Becky Lynch Chad Gable Roman Reigns Logan Paul (as much as I dislike him outside the ring lol) IYO SKY Honorable mentions: Sami and Kevin, Dom Mysterio, Solo, Cora Jade, Nakamura, Melo, Sheamus
  13. Part of me still keeps waiting for MJF to just turn around and fake out of this face run but damn it's truly working.
  14. Yea unless Ilja Dragunov (or Tyler Bate if built right somehow but feels like he’s just coasting down in NXT rn) gets called up soon then Gable’s the right guy to dethrone Gunther. Gunther then should go on to win the Rumble (repeat of him and Cody from this year but different result) and compete for the WHC
  15. No doubt he will be, they even put the Backlash attire in MyFaction this year lol
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