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  1. That's the lowest RAW rating ever
  2. Finally saw Parasite two weeks ago, definitely deserved Best Picture. Finally saw Jojo Rabbit as well, fun and heartwarming movie
  3. The commercial where Joe got injured while filming
  4. I think this is it for the card (minus any unannounced replacements for the Superstars that may have pulled out of the show)
  5. Hopefully it's actually just an injury, as weird as it is saying that lol
  6. If Andrade is sick, what about Charlotte?
  7. Reigns comments on pulling out of WM (around 2:20 mark)
  8. Jeb ★

    Creations Archive

    It's whatever move he used to finish this match lol https://youtu.be/plcs4z0drwo Edit: I guess that move ^ is Countdown to Impact, looks nothing like the Invented Phoenix Splash lol
  9. I read the newer Switch models have a much better battery life than the og ones?
  10. Is a Nintendo Switch Lite worth it? I would like a regular Switch because of the docking feature but it's literally sold out everywhere now it would be my first time owning a Nintendo console since the Gameboy Advance, so idk if the Lite would be more for a Nintendo 'casual' like me lol. Now that I think about it though the Lite would be more towards my budget considering the extra I'm gonna have to spend on games since Nintendo games never go on sale (also yes, this sudden need is because of Animal Crossing New Horizons).
  11. 7 RAW matches, 7 SD matches (if we count Otis vs Ziggler which hasn't been made official yet), 1 NXT match
  12. https://twitter.com/ryansatin/status/1243707963287588864?s=19
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