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  1. Match card finalized (unless they add a 24/7 title match lol)
  2. This is like Shield, Nexus, and SAnitY combined lol
  3. What are their names? Lmao Nvm
  4. Are they really doing this with Murphy lol
  5. Zoom classes fit with the taping schedule
  6. Shane just giving the mic to an interviewer who happened to be between him and Braun lol
  7. Montez is Bianca's husband, not the other way around
  8. But can R-Truth F5 a shark
  9. Bruh they did Asuka and esp Zelina dirty putting their match in the Kickoff
  10. Also I get the Bane thing Dijakovic is going for but did he have to shave his hair lmao
  11. Peyton in all black, sheesh
  12. Glad Seth agrees all those solo cups are a waste of plastic Humberto can grow facial hair?
  13. I thought Kyle was gonna get involved with Ciampa lol. But yeah I think Kyle is winning
  14. I started it yesterday, I agree with Lunchbox lol
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