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  1. Too low of an overall, orelse id be him,

  2. haha, true. I really wanted The Miz.

  3. Hes good, but i dont like how he wins all the titles.

  4. LOL!! i hate kofi, i never use him.

  5. Yeah, im gonna be Cena, every other good character was taken.

  6. I got a heart attack from the Crash Bandicoot theme.

  7. I dont watch Can of Worms.

    Nah, Im preordering it next month.

  8. Oh yeah. Im from Melbourne, VIC.

  9. Hey. What part are you from?

  10. That Miz sig is awesome.

  11. No worries...Its just good to keep updated. The CAWS.ws code :P

  12. Love your sig...Go the Pies :)

  13. Some of your 'Not removing until' is complete

  14. Nice Sig... One of the best Miz ones ive seen.

  15. Dude. you completed your not removing till..Christian won world title.

  16. The Miz owns bro. YOURE AWESOME, Just like ME

  17. awww :(

    well there will always be someone to convert them for you

  18. ohh :(

    are you gonna convert your 360 caws to PS3?

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