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  1. HAHAHHAHAH Your the best!!!
  2. awww :(

    well there will always be someone to convert them for you

  3. hahah, i wanted D-Bry also.

    I always play as Cena offline, so I think il do good with him. Everytime i play as deadman/scsa/rock, I lose.

  4. I dont watch Can of Worms.

    Nah, Im preordering it next month.

  5. I will.Il make a Miz one most likely.

    PS. Are you from Australia?

  6. No worries, and fair enough :)

    Out of curiosity, how did you make it?


    Do you still play PS3?

  8. ohh :(

    are you gonna convert your 360 caws to PS3?

  9. Careless World: Feb 21 <3

  10. Careless World: Feb 21 <3

  11. Dude. you completed your not removing till..Christian won world title.

  12. Gonna take a while, but okay. haha

  13. haha, no worries. I have my ways. You should post your channel on here somewhere.

  14. haha, thats actually a good idea. When I turn 18, il do that.

  15. haha, true. I really wanted The Miz.

  16. Hes good, but i dont like how he wins all the titles.

  17. Hey, my names Nathan and I'm from Melbourne too. haha.

  18. Hey. What part are you from?

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