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  1. We have the same sig. YES!

    1. Voorhees_13


      YES! YES! YES! YES!

  2. Since when were you a mod?

    1. Dazman™


      Since I was given the Mod Bar. :D

      Seriously though, there were 3 of us that joined the moderator team on Sunday.

    2. ColdBloodEnigma


      Wow! Congrats! You actually deserve it.

    3. Dazman™


      Thanks Man. That means a lot.

  3. Careless World: Feb 21 <3

  4. Careless World: Feb 21 <3

  5. It was pretty scary for a storm. No damage to my house luckily, but the hail stones were huge.

  6. Holy Sh*t dude. Are you seeing this hailstorm? #white christmas.

  7. Gonna take a while, but okay. haha

  8. Yeah, it does. But what about the other 100 000 Nathan's in Melbourne?

  9. There's more than 5 in my school. I'l take them out and we shall fight to the death... haha

  10. Oh yeah, I'm like 40 minutes away from you.

  11. Yeah, pretty much. Nothing much to do.

  12. Hey, my names Nathan and I'm from Melbourne too. haha.

  13. Wow! Its awesome. Thanks :)

  14. Oh, am I? I might know her haha I just go to school and shiz. And yeah. I go for the pies.

  15. Where about in Melbourne are you from?

  16. Why are you listed as 99 years old? hahah

  17. haha, no worries. I have my ways. You should post your channel on here somewhere.

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