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Status Updates posted by Fayth

  1. Fayth

    Love classic FF too, but the newest game doesn't look bad at all.

  2. Fayth

    I remember you saying you're a huge Final Fantasy; must ask you, have you seen the latest trailer(s)? They're nuts.

  3. Dwayne my boy, happy birthday!

  4. My connection's been ravished by recent thudnerstorms. Nearly broke the f'ing Interwebz. Oh and out of boredom, I could make you a CM Punk avatar/profile pic if you want to. Made myself one as you can see. :>

  5. I know, same as yours. And I swear to God, I didn't know you liked A7X. Btw, did you have MSN again? That anaconda thingy?

  6. Fayth

    Oh, you haven't played XIII yet? I'm still gonna tell ya, it's an awesome game. I could play it through over and over again without getting bored.

  7. Fayth

    It's one of my favorites as well. Though I only own one game, I've still played a lot of 'em. FFX is ftw and I can't wait for XIII-2.

  8. Fayth

    omgfourfinalfantasysinyourfavorites :o

  9. is awesome, but you already know that.

  10. Fayth

    Alrighty; I changed the credit. ;)

  11. Fayth

    Oops. That was completely my bad as I momentarily changed the sig to one I made myself and then erased the credit but when I changed your back, I forgot to re-add the cred. I'll get to changing it now and sorry again, thanks for reminding me. ;)

  12. Aw, that sucks. I'm not too familiar with the channels around there but the tournament was awesome. Some of the best goals can be found on 'Tube I'd think.

  13. Ahhh, good to see another hockey fan around. Did you happen to catch the IIHF World Championship?

  14. Happy B-Day Mr. Woods! Have a nice one. :)

  15. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH SHIT! I forgot your b-day. :( But happy late b-day, hope you had a nice one and you should come back to RPing, brah. ;)

  16. No, it wasn't. My PSN ID is V_I_D_A. But it's good you asked nevertheless. ;)

  17. No, I don't think so. I might have if you have two PSN IDs and you play Tekken 6, thoug. I have only added Tekken 6 guys so far.

  18. Dunno tbh. Maybe the "O.o" thing. But it's cool now. I gotta admit, the join date is some funny shit.

  19. Like I said, I was only saying that I'm not going to change it. I'm not mad or anything, but you kinda made me feel you were gonna tell me to change my name so yeah. We cool?

  20. I knew there was a member called Famous but the join date is completely coicidence. But I won't change my name just because it's similar to yours; just in case you were gonna suggest that.

  21. I planned on making the app today but once again, I couldn't get my ass off of something else. Tomorrow or the day after, my friend.

  22. Couldn't think of a simple name so Escape The Fate's song names FTW. And the app will be done tomorrow. I think I'll use the Rankon style this time or something.

  23. Wanna have a feud with Alexandar and my new guy Alec Fleming? You should've cleared your PM box, brah.

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