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  1. Crazy fast and crazy accurate. I honestly dont know how you do it. I hope we potentially see an updated Ali or Rey Mysterio maybe even an updated Roman with a lot of the bigger stars not debuting anything new last night. Is this done by using one of the sleaves or using Jeff Hardy's top? I think he actually uses the Doink top, because it has such a low neckline.
  2. Any chance youll be doing Roode and Gables new matching trunks?
  3. Yeah probably should have cropped myself, but hey.
  4. Me and me housemates at Grad Ball. Respecting privacy innit.
  5. Ah dude, gotta get that factor 50 on. Also, here i am before heading out for a meal with my housemates
  6. Ikr? Actually managed to get tanned on the beach the other day.
  7. Y'all need some sun. Lol we live in England, aint no sun i these here parts Don't let down, Portsmouth is pretty hot this time of year!
  8. Good to see you're still alive, man! Haha cheers man, how've you been, still be on the forums the whole time I've been gone? N'awwww, just left for a while, got demodded though, due to well, lack of actually doing my job... Y'all need some sun.
  9. I just realised I never posted in here, so for those who don't already know me, I am "Famous." known by some simply as, Adam. HAI.
  10. OMFG! lol he looks so stupid... At least theres a change tho...
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