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Original IT Factor

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    Bobby Roode
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    Echo & The Bunnymen The Smiths INXS
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    College Student
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    Xbox 360 Slim
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    WWE, TNA, The Walking Dead, Vegas, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Deadwood
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    Video Games, Wrestling, Computers, Movies
  1. Damn he had such a badass character...
  2. I'd rather have a serious DLC than aliens or zombies.
  3. Plus the length of San Andreas (IMO). I found GTA V too short and it even had less missions than IV.
  4. I have never watched The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  5. Just finished this today. Amazing series and it deserves all the praise it gets. Also, Walter White really was an evil man xD
  6. What about the original 1932 version of Scarface?
  7. I did not find "There Will Be Blood" to be a very good movie, despite the reviews it got. Boring tbh.
  8. THIS. Sounds so stupid. Gawd, I hated when he did that. I was tempted to mute my TV every time. Same when he was in the suit and they kept calling him "Corporate Kane". It's so annoying. I wish they would've kept calling him "The Big Red Machine". No, not the "The Big Red Monster"... and I like never really liked the "Devil's Favorite Demon". Yep. He's just repetitivley annoying.
  9. Yes, JBL can actually be pretty annoying. Annoys me when he says "ballgame" and when he has to join in with R-Truth's Whats Up, that's just cringy.
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