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  • Birthday 03/06/1910

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  • Favourite Wrestler
    All Divas!!!
  • Favourite Music
    R&B, Rock, Hip Hop, Reggeaton, Salsa, Merengue and more... http://iceman03.proboards28.com/index.cgi www.onlineworldofwrestling.com
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    CAW maker
  • Favourite Wrestling Company
    WWE BABY!!! ... UWF!!!
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    Burger King, McDonald's, Domino's and Chinese Food
  • Ethnicity
    Puerto Rican Papi
  • Favourite TV Show
    Raw, ECW, Smackdown!

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    In Your Dreams!!!
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    Layla El<br />The Bella Twins<br />Eve Torres<br />Mickie James<br />Melina<br />Jillian Hall<br />Ashley<br />Michelle McCool<br />Victoria<br />Sharmell<br />Natalia Neidhart<br />Beth Pheonix<br />Maria<br />Lilian Garcia<br />Maryse Ouellet<br />Tiffany <br />Gail Kim<br />Milena Roucka<br />Kelly Kelly<br />Candice Michelle<br />Angel Williams<br />Trinity<br />Ariel<br />Christy Hemme<br />Miss Jackie<br />Rhaka Khan<br />Tracy Brooks<br />So Cal Val<br />*Not In Wrestling Anymore*<br />Trish Stratus<br />Torrie Wilson<br />Stacy Keibler<br />Joy Giovanni<br />Molly Holly<br />Lita<br />Lena Yada<br />Kristal Marshall<br />Amy Webber<br />Jacqueline<br />Sable<br />Chyna<br />The Kat<br />Ivory<br />Debra<br />Terri Runnels<br />Tori<br />Jazz<br />Kimberly Page<br />Gorgeous George<br />Midajah<br />Madusa<br />Major Gunns/ Tylene Buck<br />Kimona/ Lea Meow<br />Tygress<br />Miss Jones<br />Nidia<br />Daffney<br />Hiroko Suzuki<br />Ryan Shamrock/ Symphony <br />Woman<br />Beulah<br />Francine<br />Dawn Marie<br />Tammy Sytch/ Sunny<br />Jasmine St Claire<br />Elektra<br />Missy Hyatt<br />Amy Zidian<br />Rebecca Dipietro<br />Nurse Veronica<br />Desire<br />Sara (Undertaker's Ex-Wife)<br />Nitro Girls<br />Luna Vachon
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