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  1. regul8r911


    Hey man love all your work, I was wondering whats the difference in the 2 christoper daniels you uploaded? I downloaded them both but attires are the same. Thanks
  2. Great stuff just a heads up prob didn't have anything to do with your caw and was just a fluke thing but when I tried to download tommy end my game crashed and I lost everything. It said my file got corrupted and couldn't load anything. So just beware that this is a possibility when downloading anyone from the community.
  3. Great job as always but im more interested in seeing how close you can get the body morph since its so limited.
  4. thanks guys for explaining the kofi tights thing didn't even think about that. as for the colors I have noticed that some blacks in caw mode due get a little blue or green tint to them but ive found if you don't go lower than the default color on shirts which is around 20 I believe on the shade then you don't get that problem.
  5. rollins looks great, but is there a boot glitch when you add designs to them that makes them look thicker? I have both of your rollins and side by side the boots on the new one are thicker or wider but they use the same base. (their the boots right after Justin gabriels.)
  6. Great job on bret so far and thanks for posting here. No disrespect to creators new and old but remember the good old days when everyone was on the same system and guys like bhangra_man and zurick ruled the world.
  7. well I just uploaded the Goldberg I made cant remember for sure who's morp it was from last year might have been krad though. search regul8r ok just figured out how to fix the Goldberg issue. like I said I just uploaded my Goldberg on cc and then I re-downloaded him on another slot and i'm in a match with him right now and he has traps. I did save him as a new creation and not just a attire though, so not sure what will happen if put him as a attire now but I guess ill give it a shot. im just happy to finally have a good lookin Goldberg. Im on ps3 btw so maybe someone can try this on xbox and see if it works. thanks
  8. not sure if anyone else noticed this but I made a Goldberg with the superstar heads using a body morph from wwe13, saved then went back in to edit it and it has traps. and really looks amazing. but then when I try and play with him it defaults the traps back down. ive also had this happen when I use the current rock and he had no abs until I went in superstar threads then played as him again and he looked great.
  9. He's one of the hardest people to create and you nailed it. Glad your back again this year cant wait to see what you have planned.
  10. regul8r911


    I know what your going for with the design on his hand but he actually has a tattoo of a skull on his left hand. For attires one should be his sleeveless attire he used before he left the wwf, you could even use the undertaker tattoo's if your just looking for something simple. I would go back and look at caws from svr2011 and wwe12 for some ideas.
  11. I would def change the hair. I just uploaded TOM1904's kidman from WWE12, so you can check that out for some ideas. just make sure to give him credit if you use anything.
  12. regul8r911

    Close please!

    Hey Tom sorry to hear you'll be busy but I understand. If you don't mind I'll probably end up uploading your kidman from wwe12 again this year
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