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  1. cheddar

    Baseball Thread

    I just thought about this,and I'm sorta curious,who do you guys think will be DHing in Detroit, Miguel Cabrera,or Prince with Victor Martinez likely out for the year with his torn ACL.
  2. cheddar

    Baseball Thread

    ^I'm not at all surprised he didn't go to the Nationals,and believe it was a smart decision on their part not to aggressively pursue him after what they got out of Jayson Werth last season.
  3. cheddar

    Baseball Thread

    Prince Fielder to the Detroit Tigers http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/nationals-journal/post/prince-fielder-tigers-reportedly-agree-to-a-nine-year-214-million-deal/2012/01/24/gIQA30f8NQ_blog.html Can't say I saw this one coming,looks like the National League is going to be pretty weak this season.
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