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  1. They’re going to *Censored* up 2K21. I don’t understand how anyone can have any optimism about the next game. Look how long they have been patching this game, with the big backlash around it and lower sales. Look how many updates we’ve had. They don’t know how to use/fix the engine. If they did, this shit would be sorted by now. Same as any other game that has a bad launch. I’ll lay down a bet right now. 2K21 will be *censored*ed. 2K22 or possibly 2K23 is built on a new in house engine made by Visual Concepts and the WWE 2K franchise will be starting from scratch with everything.
  2. Call me nuts, but is it just me that has noticed that the person who dealt with the model creations of the female wrestlers for 2k20 appears to have a booty fetish?
  3. With backwards compatibility confirmed, I think its best they keep well away from next gen until they get to grips with the current engine (if they arent making a new one). Jumping to next gen in the mess theyre in currently will see their sales tank for the foreseeable future. Its a time when gamers are the least forgivable for bad product releases. Option 4 would be the best option I think. Keep updating this game, get it right, make it a games as a service title until they can get a new engine off the ground for next gen.
  4. That shit better not return next year. Im ok with fantasy scenarios, but it should be in the form of what if scenarios with dream matches from a past wrestler with a current. None of this kiddy crap with zombies. While theyre fixing the game too, they need to remove that garbage big dog like animation when activating a certain payback (I forget the name now). They strive for realism during matches but I dont remember seeing a wrestler roar and have red lines swirling around them. Ridiculous.
  5. Yep, it should. My thinking was that maybe it was more compatible with base hardware than the newer models. (Which is why I was thinking if turning off boost mode would help). Obviously thats not true now however. I know with newer hardware on PC, the game is a dumpster fire for crashing. I hope 2K get their shit together for 2K21. Will be interesting what this supposed statement is going to be that the Take Two CEO mentioned. (Assuming it is a statement they are making) https://www.dualshockers.com/wwe-2k20-sales-disappointing/
  6. I held off but managed to get the Deluxe Edition for £20 last night and thought Id give it a go. (On PC) First, as it was a big download, I thought Id try it on Geforce Now. It crashes constantly. You have to turn off replays or itll crash. On my aging PC though (GTX1070 and i7 4790 with 24gb ram) the game is running pretty much fine. No crashes except if I copy elbow pads in the creation suite. The new lighting system has done wonders for the graphics I think. Im also loving the faster and smoother gameplay. It feels more like a WWE match and the commentary has improved so much too. Have fixed some entrance musics without any problems too. It seems that newer hardware (which is what is on Geforce Now) doesnt play nice with this game, whereas older hardware seems to get on ok. My frame rates are even more stable and higher than they were on 2K19 too. This then made me think. Those of you on consoles that experience crashing, are you playing on PS4 Pro/X1X or launch hardware? If playing on Pro, do you have boost mode turned on? Maybe turning it off will help alleviate them a bit. Worth a try. This obviously wont fix issues with the creation suite but it at least gives you a more playable game if that isnt as important to you.
  7. *Censored* that. Leave the working game well alone. Youve seen first hand how bad they are with 2K20 and now you want them to touch 2K19? Nah. Ill take the lack of new moves and missing image uploader thanks.
  8. There is no way they are legit. Not when they post things like this. https://twitter.com/RibbieWWE/status/1190269416690323456?s=20 Nobody working in game development would say such a thing to customers.
  9. Well...heres something. We may be seeing 2k20 release on Nintendo Switch. https://www.base.com/buy/product/wwe-2k20-nintendo-switch/dgc-wwe2k20ns.htm
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