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Status Updates posted by DancingJoker.

  1. Could you scan my ip?

  2. Alright I will do Kane

  3. Already doing him Anyone else?

  4. Thanks mate now request any caw you want

  5. Sorry if it is too much could you rate Vader and Christian? Some asshole rated my sting 2 stars

  6. Also can you rate my Sting on xbl please?

  7. Could you comment on my sting

  8. Alright i will use that one

  9. Hey,Gio could i request a WCW Sting moveset?

  10. All skins are previewed for Sid

  11. If you could comment on my Sid it would be nice ;)

  12. oK No Rush since you have a battle to win lol

  13. Cool mate Ask whenever you need pics ;) BTW how is my sig coming along?

  14. So you quit? You were improving

  15. I can take some caw mode shots for your caws if you want to?

  16. My roomate is doing kane

  17. Are gonna do my sig? no rush

  18. Could i request a sig JuFu?

  19. hey,man could you comment on my Lesnar

  20. if you could comment on my Lesnar it would be great

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