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  1. Lio Rush is *censored*ing awesome. Action Ortiz reminds me of Bam Bam - the whole tournament is promising.
  2. I just couldn't take him seriously in them
  3. Rockstar Spud is amazing. So good to see him not in those lame ass suits anymore.
  4. I think Tyrus vs EC3 feud will be better than Matt/EC3. The chemistry between them is crazy. Hope Spud gets a big push here though
  5. Only just now realize that Jeff Hardy has improved a lot on the mic...
  6. Holy shit that Slammiversary card is trash, what a big disappointment.
  7. Jessie Godderz new gimmick actually seems really promising. Could be a solid main eventer in the future.
  8. Just saw this guy's tweets complaining about Cena helping the kid with cancer. Not much as cringe as it's sad lol https://twitter.com/bruceblitz
  9. Al Snow on commentary is shockingly bad, so I'm happy about the new commentary partner. but Josh himself is pretty bad too.
  10. I like Cheap Heat even though Rosenberg is pretty annoying. I'm gonna check out the ones mentioned above.
  11. "to be frank, i love 5 people in the world.god, my family, my love(boyfreind), michael jackson & brock lessar. " That is one *censored*ing amazing quote right there.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=427893677389520&__mref=message_bubble This *Censored* went for the Finn Balor foot stomp at the end
  13. What is Eric Young's reason for being heel? I haven't watched since the debut on the new network but it seems like jealousy of Bobby... he seems a lot cooler right now as a bad guy though. Bram shined a lot too in this episode he plays the slimy heel well.
  14. "U got Kik" That one works everytime.
  15. That Ryback guy is *censored*ing hilarious.
  16. Can't believe people are actually hating on the black Storm Trooper. How pathetic
  17. Probably the worst thing I've read all day
  18. WWE youtube comments are a cringe goldmine
  19. James Storm is one of the coolest things in wrestling right now.
  20. Lmao at World Wallpaper Entertainment
  21. I wonder if this counts; owner of WWE.org domain vows to destroy the WWE http://www.wwe.org/
  22. I think it was a bad idea and would have preferred to see a PPV with just TNA guys seeing as this is TNA's biggest event.. just seems like a huge waste, why not do this as a whole different PPV? Good show though, I enjoyed the X Division title match a lot
  23. "I'm NOT a loser, I'm Rockstar Spud!" ... I can't wait for Spud's face turn
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