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  1. Shia sounds like a 15 year old that just started rapping
  2. How everybody feel about XXXTENTACION?
  3. I thought dude was overhyped at first but Kodak is pretty dope
  4. Haha, that's my upload. Pretty funny, Jay Elec commented and thanked me for uploading the full version. The intro with the speeches on the backing music is just so beautiful.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxcWsD8WyBs
  6. Are there any grime albums that come close to Boy in Da Corner? I'm only familiar with a few artists in the genre. Kano's Home Sweet Home is pretty consistent too and Skepta's new album is very good, but BIDC has always been a favourite of mine
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIQCe3FH3tY
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hivQ6A37nMg Cormier vs Jones reminds me of heel Bret Hart and Shawn or Austin. Will be a good fight.
  9. Bas' new album(?) Too High To Riot is really dope. I enjoyed it a lot more than UT, UM.
  10. Lio Rush is *censored*ing awesome. Action Ortiz reminds me of Bam Bam - the whole tournament is promising.
  11. I just couldn't take him seriously in them
  12. Rockstar Spud is amazing. So good to see him not in those lame ass suits anymore.
  13. I think Tyrus vs EC3 feud will be better than Matt/EC3. The chemistry between them is crazy. Hope Spud gets a big push here though
  14. It's a great pop album, and she is very talented, but it's still pretty disappointing that a landmark album like TPAB loses here. And I dunno about the sales/appeal argument since they gave it to Beck over Beyonce last year. I think the Grammy's just don't have much respect for hip-hop as a genre, tbh. Kinda confirms that these shows aren't to be taken seriously.
  15. Yeah, if the best hip-hop album since MBDTF can't beat a teen-pop album, then I don't know either.
  16. AOTY nominees: - TPAB, Kendrick Lamar - 1989, Taylor Swift - Traveller, Chris Stapleton - Beauty Behind the Madness, The Weeknd - Sound and Colour - Alabama Shakes I don't think any of the others deserve the win over Kendrick. D'Angelo's 'Really Love' is nominated for Record of the Year, which also won Best R&B Song, no AOTY though Black Messiah won best R&B Record
  17. I really hope he doesnt lose AOTY to Taylor.. or anyone for that matter.
  18. https://streamable.com/zuz8 Ultralight Beam live on SNL. So damn good.
  19. ULB is definitely the best song on there. I'm guessing the album was a lot more focused when it was at 10-12 tracks. Even despite that, it feels like the album is supposed to end at Wolves, and Silver Surfer - Fade are all bonus tracks. Some songs I could have done without. He should have kept Vic's part on Wolves. Facts is a LOT better than the original though.
  20. Only just now realize that Jeff Hardy has improved a lot on the mic...
  21. I like 30 Hours, reminds me of MBDTF a little. "Young producer just tryna get his flows off/I remember being nervous to do Victoria's Secret til I pictured everybody with they clothes off"
  22. 17 tracks This is going to be dooope.
  23. Apparently this dude got signed to GOOD Music. Song's an obvious Future knock-off but it's lit either way apparently at most of the theatre showings people were told the album would come out midnight, which is when iTunes updates. But idk.
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