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  1. Awesome work man!! I will for sure be downloading a bunch of these guys.
  2. Any chance of uploading KES again. Missed them for some reason. Thanks
  3. Andy Williams from every time I die. Hes been wrestling a lot lately for smash wrestling
  4. So pumped you uploaded CCK. They are amazing! Favorite caws out there right now
  5. Skummy212

    Patch 1.05

    I dont see the nxt pack in the store. Anyone else not seeing it? I got the patch update though.
  6. Can someone explain to me how it works? Im confused for some reason. Lol
  7. Cant wait to get Misawa! He looks pretty good so far!
  8. Keep up the amazing work! I'll be downloading all of these real soon!
  9. Skummy212

    Gameplay Thread

    Does anyone know is the submission system the same as last years game?
  10. Such amazing work in Takahashi!! Any chance you're making the rest of los ingobernables??
  11. I've been getting the bandwidth message for a good week and a half now.
  12. I played right after the last patch and everything was just fine and then I turn it on today and have no crowd noise at all. It's just like the empty arena from one of the past games. Really, really annoying. Anyone else out there having this problem?
  13. That's great news!! I look forward to seeing both of them!! Keep up the amazing work!
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