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  1. It is damn near impossible to get skin tones to match up
  2. Apparently they are full of crap lol.
  3. Has anyone else experienced missing blood on after the latest update ? It shows on screen the flash before the "blood" and after the impact it shows the wrestler wiping their head but yet there is no blood. I turned off the blood and rebooted and then turned it back on and rebooted to see if it would change and still no change.
  4. Okay I don't know if this has been asked before but I have seen that Finn's alternate demon king attire and paint but have no idea on how to change it. Does anyone know how to pull this off? Thanks.
  5. Yeah I had not noticed any major glitches until after the update yesterday. I was playing matches in universe like I had Rusev vs Brock and when Rusev was walking out I decided to jump him and instead of Brock coming out it was Sin Cara but once the match was over it showed Rusev holding the belt and cheering even though I won as Sin Cara and Lillian announced me as the winner but announced that it was Brock that won the match. Seriously bad glitching.
  6. Great to see someone else making some of the more obscure guys that you never see on these games. Keep up the good work.
  7. I personally think that everything is amazing especially the face and singlet but the part that caught my eye is the proportions of his head compared to his neck and body. His head looks right but his body looks way too small in comparison. Overall a really amazing job.
  8. Looks good but his color on his face doesn't quite match his body and I know that is tough to do with him and I don't even think when he was in AWA that he had that much hair.
  9. Pretty good but he looks a little wide
  10. Really getting there. Digging the gear and his body shape is spot on but I agree that there is something in the face that is not exactly right but I would definitely use him as is as long as his moveset was good. Keep it up.
  11. Truly Awesome! It would be great to have a throwback Kings of Wrestling version with matching Cesaro
  12. I think that there is going to be a big learning curve on this game
  13. Santana and Rosemary look awesome but the Cameron is just off a little bit but I can't pinpoint the problem.
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