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    Springsteen, Rage Against The Machine
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    College Student
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    PS3, PS2, PS1, SNES, Genesis
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  1. These are great man! Rock is dead on.
  2. Thanks for all of these great works
  3. Yes, but it's not a consistent problem. There are sometimes I can just exit back out to the search, choose the download again, and get it no problem.
  4. I'm only at 375. Anyone else having this trouble? I'll try to download something and it says I have to delete something before.
  5. trh2

    Custom Arena

    Just got to play around with it man. Make sure you're using quality logos and you have some good reference pics. If it doesn't look right, keep working at it until it does. No real secrets to it.
  6. Not to sound like an ass, but make sure you're looking under the right tab. I made the mistake early on of uploading a few face photos and couldn't find them, but I was looking under logos, not the face photo tab.
  7. trh2

    IGN Review

    http://m.ign.com/articles/2015/10/30/wwe-2k16-review 8.8
  8. Hey, this is cereal business.
  9. This. Besides, they added plenty of goofy stuff this year with the Mario heads and all.
  10. Sitout tombstone. I've been wanting that move for years, but had to settle for the Samoan Driver.
  11. trh2

    Kurt Angle

    Hell of a start! Excellent work on that texture!
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