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  1. King I would watch that guy what sicko. Who would add a nine year old as a friend on xbox360 hes a sicko once I put up the photo im making sure every one can see it
  2. Thebeast22-1 u bull shiting *Censored* u used to request caws off me and we know he is one off ur mates on here . And beast we all know u a weirdo as u added my 9 year old couin on xbox 360. y u adding kids for u sick freak next time im up there ill take a photo off her friends and put it up on here
  3. Its one off the rules off the site if u use some one elses formula u have to give credit to the creater all cawers know this rule
  4. Would love to see u make tommy dreamer and spike Dudley
  5. Ps3 it should work on ps4
  6. this will be my last year I post any formulas on this site after this people can get some one else to help them
  7. Thats my own caw u also tryed ripping off my tna caws
  8. santacaw


    U full off crap u tryed to rip off my tna caws
  9. R what u will do nothing so shut ur mouth admins will have to ban one off us for good
  10. santacaw


    U stole it and every one knows it
  11. Go learn how to make caws instead off ripping off others
  12. Ur so full off shit just like ur da
  13. Listen boy keep lieing and stealing formulas and they will ban u for good
  14. Even a admin caught u ripping off others work so ur tryin to say the admin is a lier to
  15. santacaw


    All my caws I mine unlike u ur so called richard caw belongs to irod your a thief and thats y we hope the admins ban ur account
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