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  1. Who was that in the rafters during the Lax funeral for Decay? Rosemary?
  2. Is there going to be a directors cut version like last time?
  3. TNA needs to hit the reset on alot of these storylines and some of the characters.
  4. It looks Orange to me. Is Lashley's gripe legit? That's that statement you use to end the show after you show a replay where the guy blatantly has one shoulder off the mat? lol
  5. I understand why both TNA and DA did it. I just think it wasn't a good look for TNA at all. Also as much as Spike messed up with TNA don't think it's fair to say they didn't give a shit especially after all the money they laid for Hogan and etc plus letting TNA try and do that awful Monday Night War attempt. Based on TNA's track record they will find a way to turn this into Storm recruiting Bram I guess best answer I can come up with for it. Edit: Or apparently Storm views Mickie as a old friend so I guess it has nothing to do with Bram like I thought.
  6. Sorry gotta disagree with you.Thought them promoting a ghost hunter show was not a good look. Why did James Storm come out stop Bram?
  7. Taryn's Thong and Brooke's Ass were the best part of that segment for me
  8. Did I miss something or is The Great Sanada not in The Revolution anymore?
  9. Ya in real life. From a creative and story perspective it is just illogical .
  10. I just dont get what is supposed to be the motivation behind the turn. It seems like a swerve just for the sake of it.
  11. Robbie E gets a special intro during a Knockouts match?
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